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the skint

Q: Snapple was created by a St. Mark's health food store owner and two entrepreneurs. In what year? a) 1972 b) 1982 c) 1992
A: 1972

Q: This comedian was born in Brooklyn in 1974 and raised in Saugerties, NY. In grade school, he was voted most likely to replace David Letterman. In 2002, he was voted one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World by People mag. Who is he?
A: Jimmy Fallon

Q: Its first store was at Coney Island, it was owned by the Antar family, and its public face was the frenzied gesticulator Jerry Carroll. What was the store?
A: Crazy Eddie's

Q: The Church of the Transfiguration on East 29th Street is better known as what?
A:The Little Church Around the Corner

Q: Hedwig and the Angry Inch originally starred this man; he returned to the role this week on Broadway.
a) John Cameron Mitchell b) John Cameron Swayze c) Michael John LaChiusa d) Jason Robert Brown e) Jason Butler Harner
A: John Cameron Mitchell

Q: Where is Early Bird Road? (hint: it's on an island)
A: Governors Island

Q: Though there's no 'enry 'iggins bar there, Lerner and Loewe wrote "My Fair Lady" in this 'otel, where the popovers were legendary, too.
A: The Algonquin

Q: It was the first institution in the U.S. devoted to understanding the underlying causes of disease. Its name?
A: Rockefeller University

Q: Washington Square Arch was originally constructed to commemorate what event?
A: The Centennial of Washington's inauguration

Q: Born in 1856, self-educated African-American Granville T. Woods invented something that, without which, you wouldn't be able to take a subway ride. What?
A: The Third Rail (though he invented a number of things used in the subway system)

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