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10 New Bars

Exactly what can be adduced by the names of new, newish, and soon-to-open bars in the city is perhaps best left to better thinkers (and even bigger drinkers) than MUG. But this crop of monikers does suggest something rather primal going on in the zeitgeist just now, a narrative waiting to be spun from Cain, Dark Room, Dark Light, Dream Lounge/Subconscious, Bed, and Duvet. Well, down the hatch!

Kos, 264 Bowery [Prince/Houston] 212.343.9722. If you can penetrate the sanctum (to continue with today's theme of loaded language) and get past the door, you'll find a small, stylish lounge, and mover/shaker crowd.

NA, 246 W. 14th [7th/8th] 212.675.1567. Not available? Not applicable? None of the above? No, Noel Ashman, the owner, has resuscitated the old Nell's with a members-only ruse. Will NA have as long a run? We have NI.

Dark Room, 165 Ludlow [Houston/Stanton] 212.353.0536. There's something about the stone walls that add a touch of retro warmth to this sleek addition to the LES.

Dream Lounge/Subconscious, 210 W. 55th [Bway/7th] 212.247.2000. The Dream Lounge is lobby level, while the David LaChapelle-designed subterranean Subconscious has a fathoms-deep theme. Large fish tanks still to come.

BoysRoom, 9 Ave. A, [1st/2nd] 646.602.2590. East Village newbie with boys boys boys dancing, a-go-go, and on the prowl.

Dark Light, 366 8th [28th/29th] 212.279.8628. Analyze this. Underneath creepy trees, circus-themed acts, live performances, burlesque, cabaret, and who knows what else from the dark side. The bartenders all wear clown makeup. (OK, they don't, but the point is they could.)

B.E.D. NY, 530 W. 27th [10th/11th] 212.594.4109. Annoyingly and inconsistently punctuated, this soon-to-open slounge, first sprung forth in Miami, will have lounging beds that are part of an aborning (and yet curiously over at the same time) trend of sleeper lounges.

Cain, 544 W. 27th [10th/11th]. Opening imminently, designer Robert McKinley has created for owner and Cape Town native Jamie Mulholland, a South African themed club. Sociologists and psychologists take note, Cain will offer, Mr. Mulholland says, "the ultimate escape from reality." Oh, brother!

Duvet, 45 W. 21st [5th/6th] 212.989.2121. A just-opened slounge (pictured) that brings all the comfort of the Bloomingdale's bedding department straight to your favorite call brand.

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