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A Year of Film Festivals

January, 2005
Dance on Camera Festival
What: Promotes excellence in dance films and video.
Where: Walter Reade Theater and elsewhere
When: 1/7-1/26

NY Jewish Film Festival
Lincoln Center
What: Domestic and foreign films with a 'Jewish cinematic take.'
Where: Walter Reade
When: 1/12-1/27

Red Shift Film Festival
What: Dedicated to the work of Russian cinematographers and animators living abroad.
Where: Anthology Film Archives
When: 1/13-1/15

Explorers Club Documentary Film Festival
What: Documentaries on the subjects of scientific exploration, field research, wildlife and conservation.
Where: The Explorers Club
When: 1/22

February, 2005
Best of the African Diaspora Film Festival
What: Features sold-out films and award-winners from the festival.
Where: BAM
When: 2/11-2/17

March, 2005
New York International Children's Film Festival
What: Full-length and short films suitable for kids.
Where: Varies
When: 3/4-3/20

New York Underground Film Festival
What: Films that push boundaries and break ground.
Where: Anthology Film Archives
When: 3/9-3/15

BAMkids Film Festival
What: Dozens of films for kids from all over the world.
Where: BAM
When: 3/12/3/13

New Directors/New Films
What: Features the work of emerging filmmakers.
Where: Walter Reade Theater
When: 3/23-4/3

African American Women in Cinema
What: Showcases the work of talented minority women filmmakers.
Where: Tribeca Film Center and elsewhere
When: 3/24-3/26

Best of the Ottawa Animation Festival
What: Award-winning animated films from the 2005 festival.
Where: BAM
When: 3/30

April, 2005
GenArt Film Festival
What: Showcases many of the best emerging independent filmmakers and films.
Where: tba
When: 4/6-4/12

Brooklyn Underground Film Festival
What: Focuses on new filmmakers with films not represented elsewhere on the festival circuit.
Where: Brooklyn Lyceum
When: 4/21-4/24

Tribeca Film Festival
What: Brings together film lovers from around the city and around the world to watch and discuss the newest U.S. and international independent and studio films.
Where: Tribeca Film Center and elsewhere
When: 4/21-5/1

The Arlene's Grocery Picture Show
What: Mocks the self-important attitude of many indie film festivals. Exhibits films and filmmakers that get passed over by most other festivals.
Where: Arlene's Grocery and elsewhere
When: 4/22-4/25

New York International Independent Film & Video Festival
What: Exhibits over 300 films, world premieres, documentaries, short films and animations from around the world.
Where: Varies
When: 4/28-5/8

May, 2005
Bicycle Film Festival
What: Films where biking or biking subculture are major elements.
Where: tba
When: 5/12-5/15

Media That Matters Film Festival
What: Celebrates films, videos, and new media that inspire people to speak out and take action for social change.
Where: tba
When: May

June, 2005
New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
What: One of the most comprehensive forums of international LGBT film/video in the world.
Where: NYU and New School
When: 6/2-6/12

Brooklyn International Film Festival
What: BIFF's mission is to discover, expose, and promote independent film makers while drawing worldwide attention to Brooklyn.
Where: Brooklyn Museum of Art
When: 6/3-6/12

Rooftop Films Summer Series
What: Provocative and innovative films, with a focus on shorts.
Where: Old American Can Factory and elsewhere
When: Starting June 10, Friday nights in summer.

New York Asian Film Festival
What: Launching pad for Asian films in New York City.
Where: Anthology Film Archives
When: 6/17-6/26

HBO/Bryant Park Summer Film Festival
What: Classic American films.
Where: Bryant Park
When: Mondays, June through August

July, 2005
Asian American Film Festival
What: Screens works by media artists of Asian descent and is a leading showcase for Asian/Asian American film and video.
Where: Asia Society
When: 7/15-7/31

October, 2005
Coney Island Film Festival
What: Formerly a short film festival, now including feature pics.
Where: tba
When: tba

New York Film Festival
What: Features established and emerging directors.
Where: Walter Reade Theater and Alice Tully Hall
When: tba

NYC Horror Film Festival
What: Horror films, shorts and feature length.
Where: Tribeca Film Center
When: tba

New York/Avignon Film Festival
What: Celebrates French, European and American independent film with new films, retrospectives, round-tables.
Where: Varies
When: Fall
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Pictured: Lost Embrace (El Abrazo Partido), directed by Daniel Burman. NY premiere at the Jewish Film Festival on January 12.

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