arts 07.16.03

Adult Movie Delivery

Cityvice,, is a local company that will deliver porn to your door. Here's how it works:

Place your order any time online. You can choose from a few hundred straight, gay, and lesbian titles as well as "classics" like "Debbie Does Dallas". Deliveries are made after 6pm. It's $7 per DVD for a week — that includes the rental, delivery (free for orders over $20) and the return. When you're finished the movie, drop it into the prepaid envelope and into a mailbox. You can also purchase any of the movies they have for rent.
City Suburban Beverage, 212.304.8888, has free delivery of water, ice, and a choice of over 1000 beers.

The air-conditioner repair and cleaning company, Air Care, was sold and it's not as reliable as it once was. It is no longer recommended by MUG.

Gone - Film Projection

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