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Bar Game Nights

Fish Bar, 237 E. 5th [2nd/3rd] 212.475.4949. Monday trivia nights. No cover, the pot is a $20 bar tab. Starts at 10pm.

Last Exit, 136 Atlantic [Clinton/Henry] Brooklyn Heights 718.222.9198. Every first and third Monday of the month, trivia night. Get there by 8:30pm for 9pm start. $5 to play for the pot.

Slipper Room, 167 Orchard [Stanton] 212.592.0965. The Big Quiz Thing takes place every other Monday (but April 19th is the next one up). $5 cover, the pot is $200. Hosted by Noah Tarnow. We love the "smart-ass points" which you get for wrong but witty answers.

The Baggot Inn, 83 W. 3rd [Thompson/Sullivan] 212.477.0622. Trivia night every Tuesday at 7:30pm. Win up to $25 bar tab, two-drink minimum.

Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer [Frost/Richardson] Williamsburg 718.302.3770. Bingo from 7-9pm, fun prizes, no cover.

Dempsey's Pub, 61 2nd Ave. [3rd/4th] 212.388.0662. Same deal as Baggot Inn (see above), which has the same owners.

Lips, 2 Bank [7th] 212.675.7710. The drag restaurant hosts Bitchy Bingo weekly. 9pm, $5 to enter, fun prizes.

Marty O'Brien's, 1696 2nd [87th/88th] 212.722.3889. Easygoing trivia quiz, 9pm or so. No cover, free round of drinks for the winners.

Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer [Frost/Richardson] Williamsburg 718.302.3770. Quizz-Off starts at 7:30 weekly, no cover, $25 bar tab first prize.

Rocky Sullivan's, 129 Lex [28th/29th] 212.725.3871. Every Thursday at 9pm, no cover. A round of drinks for the winning team.

Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer [Frost/Richardson] Williamsburg 718.302.3770. Scrabble, 5-8pm.

Hannah's Lava Lounge, 923 8th [54th/55th] 212.974.9087. Fun, divey gay bar hosts bingo on Sunday from 6-8. No cover, prizes go to charity.
Through May 9, Creed is taking half off their perfumes and colognes. 897 Mad [72nd] 212.794.4480, 680 Mad [61st] 212-838-2780, and 9 Bond [Bway/Lafayette] 212.228.1732.

First word on "Raisin in the Sun" from someone attending the dress rehearsal: [Talkin Broadway]. Previews start tonight at the Royale, 212.239.6200. Stars Audra McDonald, Phylicia Rashad, and Sean Combs.

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