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Charles Mielatz Etchings

Charles F. W. Mielatz spent over two decades detailing New York's ever-vanishing street scenes.

In a 1920 retrospective of his work a year after his death, the Times wrote, "It is difficult to believe that within the last dozen years there was a flourishing market on the corner of Forty-fourth Street and Fifth Avenue, but there it is as Mr. Mielatz has made it into a charming picture, a low building, poultry hanging at the front, familiar churches at the background."

'Charming' and 'picturesque' come up a lot when describing his work, but take it for what it is and you may come to love it.

You can pick up an etching for as little as $300; most are under $1000. Best source: The Old Print Shop, 150 Lex [29th/30th] 212.683.3950.

At New York Historical Society, Drawn by New York: Six Centuries of Watercolors and Drawings. Through January 7th.

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