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Cheap(ish) Eats
Readers' Edition

After publishing a roundup of some of our favorite Cheap(ish) Eats, we asked for yours. Here's what you wrote:

Chino's, 173 3rd [16th/17th] 212.598.1200: Great food (they call it Asian tapas, but there are larger plates, too); full bar; lovely people; pretty surroundings, and one of the best bathrooms around.

'ino, 21 Bedford [Downing/6th] 212.989.5769

Taim, 222 Waverly Pl. [7th Ave. S.] 212.691.1287: city's best falafel.

Bar Stuzzichini, 928 Bway [21st/22nd] 212.780.5100, is really good for small plates of very tasty bar food and the like.

My new favorite is Sonia Rose at 74 Orchard [Grand/Broome] 212.260.5317: A five course prix-fixe meal of well-cooked food served on china and linen is $27.50. Plus it's BYOB. They used to be in Curry Hill before the rents went up; then the owner ran a cheesesteak shop for a while. It's a chance to eat like a grownup for a reasonable price.

My wife and I love El Malecón, 764 Amst [97th] 212.864.5648. The rice & beans and cafe con leche are a nice continuation of what our beloved, late La Rosita used to provide.

Congee Village, 100 Allen [Broome/Delancey] 212.941.1818, (more casual sidekick to Congee Bowery)—really cheap and yummy Chinese food; good for sharing, spacious and hilarious rainforest-esque interior.

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop, 129 Rivington [Norfolk] 212.982.1690, hole-in-the-wall feel but room for about 10 tables to be seated comfortably; fresh, yummy ingredients, pre-designed sandwich suggestions or customize your own. (Also serves soup and salad.) Get a huge sandwich for $5!

Not cheap, but definitely inexpensive in light of the very high-quality sushi and excellent service: Asiakan, 710 Amst [94th/95th] 212.280.8878.

Cheap eat that's a Cobble Hill fav for Thai—Joya, 215 Court [Warren/Wyckoff] 718.222.3484.

A friend took me to Caracas, 93 E. 7th [1st/A] 212.529.2314, in the East Village to get a take out lunch from: There's a small, busy restaurant, but an even smaller take out location next door. I've been back for dinner, and it won't set you back much. About $6 for a filling and deliciously prepared arepa!

Margot Restaurant, 3822 Bway [159th] 212.781.8494, is the best Dominican food in the city, hands-down.

Empanada Mama's, 763 9th [51st/52nd] 212.698.9008, is great and has a wild list of different kinds of empanadas… including one just for Elvis!

We have the winners in our Name Your Poison Contest:
P. Gebhart and T. Nickel

Congratulations! We'll be in touch to set things up with the wine/liquor store of your choice. And thanks to everyone who entered.



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