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Cool Design

Watchismo has a cache of watches from Lip, the French watchmaker that dates back nearly 150 years. Some of the most sought-after designs are from the early '70s. The '70s!

You can't get much more Jetsons than the PlasmaCar,
even if it doesn't fly. $60

The humble eraser gets some design love, sold at Kate's Paperie. $3

Patricia Von Musulin has created this striking Jade Cube Necklace,
exclusively at the MoMA store. $750

Made only for the MacBook Pro, Handle-it makes the laptops more easily portable, doubles as a stand, and does it all with understated style. $49.99

The Future by Design Trailer gives you a sense of Jacque Fresco, a designer who never looks back. The DVD is available here.

Moss and Samsonite? Yes, when the designer is Marc Newson and it looks like the Scope carry-on suitcase. What's next, Moss and Dicker and Dicker of Beverly Hills? $240.

Global Table always has beautiful stuff for your kitchen and table. Right now we're taken with their Milk Glass Swirl Bowl. $46.

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