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The Decades Fly
Two milestones in October: Perennially beloved Odeon, 145 W. Bway [Duane/Thomas] 212.233.0507, turns 25 on October 11th. And that treasure Florent, 69 Gansevoort [Greenwich/Wash] 212.989.5779, turns 20 this coming month, celebrating in its inimitable way with a retrospective at White Columns Gallery, 320 W. 13th [Horatio/W. 4th] 212.924.4212, from October 19-23, and a Miss Meat Market Gown Contest on October 22nd at the Roxy, 7pm-11pm.

Match Game
Match the restaurateur's current eatery on the first line with their new or impending arrival on the second line.
1. Five Points 2. 5 Ninth 3. Beppe 4. Zoë 5. Babbo
a. Del Posto b. Jovia c. Cookshop d. Fatty Crab e. Maremma
(answers are in the Radar section)

Nobu 57
Frank Bruni (Times) gives it ***
Adam Platt (NY Mag) reviews it and concludes "franchising has its costs…"

The Seasoning of a Chef
Subtitled My Journey from Diner to Ducasse and Beyond (Broadway Books, $24.95), this book by chef Doug Psaltis is an inside look at what it takes these days to become a chef. Read an excerpt.

Metrazur recently got itself a makeover but we won't back any time soon (by which we mean in this lifetime). Here's what we wrote when it originally opened in winter, 2000: "Metrazur, the train wreck of a restaurant that has pulled into a balcony in Grand Central, has all the charm of a MetroNorth car, the efficiency of the LIRR, the attitude of the Port Authority, and the culinary skill of Amtrak. Well, to be fair, the food is better than Amtrak, but as the evening grinds on, we would have been endlessly grateful for a cardboard box full of microwaved nachos with cheese." (
Match Game answers: 1C, 2D, 3E, 4B, 5A

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Food Notes

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