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Giovanni's Shoe Repair
Poll: Rudy

Would we travel from outside the neighborhood to use Giovanni's Shoe Repair, 203 W. 85th [Bway/Amst] 212.362.5808? We would.

That's because this unassuming spot does excellent, careful work and will turn your burned-out clodhoppers back into shiny, high-functioning shoes.

We like Giovanni's for their leather skills, attention to detail and friendly service. But we also like them for their modest prices. The shoe repair place near you probably charges $45-$65 to replace heels. Some charge well north of that. At Giovanni's, that will set you back $25-$30. And they use 'Italian heels' with leather and rubber, which is the right way to go.

Hat-tip to this fine cobble shop.

You know who also does good work at low prices? MUG! Today we wrote a shoe repair article and never mentioned Manolos or Jimmy Choos. That has to be worth something.

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Do you expect Rudy Giuliani's name to turn up in the Mueller investigation?






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