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Grillin' & Chillin'

A few ways to stoke your BBQ.

The Shepherd Ball-B-Q was produced in Canada in the late '60s
and early '70s. They now fetch a hefty price on ebay.

Char-Griller Patio Pro

Cuisinart Tabletop Propane Grill

The Big Green Egg is developing a cult following; pretty good for an ancient cooking device known as the kamado. Around $350 for the smallest version up to $1500 for the extra large.

Chris Grove of Nibble Me This, a grilling and BBQ blog, is a major booster of the Big Green Egg. He has a new book out called The Kamado Smoker and Grill Cookbook: Recipes and Techniques for the
World's Best Barbecue.

Wood Planks
$10.50 (set of three)

Personalized Branding Irons
From $25

Chuckwagon Dinner Bell

Two notable local sauces: Mable's and Mighty Quinn's

Condiment Gun

Chili Pepper Grill Rack

BBQ Tong with Built-In LED Flashlight

What to drink with BBQ? You can't go wrong with beer, of course. If you're thinking wine, Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page, authors of What to Drink with What You Eat, recommend German Rieslings (especially Spätlese), a fruity Shiraz or Zinfandel.

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