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We're not going into summer reruns, but we thought for today we'd compile some MUG highlights from the past four months for those who have just joined us.

Fritz Knipschildt's name may be a mouthful, but wait till you taste his chocolates. The name 'Knipschildt' will be rolling off your tongue as easily as his nougatine truffle. vintage car — maybe a 1960 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud or a 1969 Checker cab. More…

The Mermaid Inn: a warm vibe and sparkling food. More…

Once distinguished commentators like Jimmy Breslin can, in time, devolve into insufferable gasbags. More…

When you need to stash family and friends somewhere other than your sofabed, consider these 11 hotels under $200. More…

If Hooters can have an airline, so can Bobby Flay. At least that seems to be the operating principle lately at Bolo, where coach food, unburdened by such things as discernible flavor and proper cooking times, is being offered at unflinchingly first-class prices. More…

Harry Cipriani, 781 5th [59th/60th] 212.753.5566
Front of House: "Few restaurants can beat it for ambience, theater, service and celebrity-watching." (Forbes)
Back of House: "Food protection certificate not held by supervisor of food operations. Shellfish not from an approved source, improperly tagged/labeled; tags not retained for 90 days. Vermin or other live animal present in food storage, preparation or service area." (Health Dept.) More…

Had all the mayonnaise and bacon you can stomach on a low-carb diet? Food for Life will help you lose weight with a delicious, balanced diet of three meals and two snacks, fully prepared and delivered overnight to your door. More…

17th Street Photo may be the best place to buy a camera in the city.
Pier 45 and a whole new section of Hudson River Park is now open and well worth a stroll. This section runs from Clarkson to Horatio along the Hudson. Another beautiful addition to the city thanks to the Hudson River Park Trust, www.hudsonriverpark.org.

Park Slope (from 2016)

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