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Musicians on Call

Since 1999, Musicians On Call has brought musical performances to New Yorkers most in need of music's healing powers: patients in healthcare facilities such as Memorial Sloane-Kettering, the Children's Hospital at Montefiore, NYU Langone and the oncology unit at Mount Sinai.

MOC is the non-profit group started by Michael Solomon and Vivek Tiwary. Fourteen years ago, Solomon brought a musician friend to perform at the hospital where Solomon volunteered. Afterwards, a staff member said two patients had been too ill to attend the concert and encouraged them to perform in the patients' rooms; Solomon saw the heartening effect this had on the two patients. Musicians on Call grew out of that one day and, since then, they've arranged over 250,000 bedside performances for critically ill New Yorkers.

You can support them by making a donation in any amount. For $500, you can sponsor a hospital room, which means that every week for a year, a musician will perform in a room at a facility of your choice. And musicians can volunteer their time.

Musicians on Call is one of the surest ways to spread some joy.

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