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Times Grimes Wine Lines
In his Times review of Dumonet at the Carlyle, William Grimes describes pineau des Charentes (sic) as "the Cognac-based liqueur."

No. First of all, it's Pineau with a capital 'P' and more properly cognac with a small 'c'. Second, it is simply not a cognac-based liqueur. It's a fortified wine — in this case, grape juice to which cognac is added (the cognac stops the fermentation process). The alcohol level is between 16-22%, whereas liqueur is between 25%-55% alcohol. And it's drunk as an aperitif.

Yo, couldja do sum fac chickin over their?

Rout 66
Was Graydon Carter seriously annoyed by his treatment at Jean-Georges Vongerichten's 66? Is that what's behind Vanity Fair's slam of 66? More from the Observer.

New Restaurants
Aigo, 1608 1st Ave. [84th] 212.327.4700. Chef Richard Farnabe cooks Mediterranean.
Azalea, 224 W. 51st [7th/8th] 212.262.0105, Parma and Amalfi foods in the theatre district.
Chick-Inn, 420 Hudson [Leroy] 212.675.0810. Old-fashioned Midwestern cooking.
Crudo, 54 Clinton [Stanton/Rivington] 646.654.0116. Raw seafood.
Ida Mae's Kitchen-n-Lounge, 111 W. 38th [Bway] 212.704.0038. Southern cooking.
Kemia Bar, 630 9th [44th] 212.582.3200. North African tapas downstairs at Marseille.
Penelope, 159 Lex [30th] 212.481.3800. Cafe and bakery.

Tequila Herradura
The great tequila from Herradura will be featured in a dinner prepared by Maya's Richard Sandoval at the Beard House on Monday, July 28th. It's $90 for members, $115 for guests. More info:

Patricia Wells on Daniel and Annisa
Ms. Wells comes stateside for the International Herald Tribune and says Daniel manages to "stay one step ahead of the game" while she rightly calls Annisa "a little jewel". More at

The ChickenboneWe've gotten more raves from readers about the Chickenbone Cafe, 177 S. 4th in Williamsburg, 718.302.2663, than anything else lately. Chef Zakary Pelaccio emphasizes local (Brooklyn) ingredients.

Gift idea for the serious home chef in your life: order a custom chef jacket from Crooked Brook, Jackets start at $115, plus the customizing charges.

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