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Out of Town: Food Festivals
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No ocean? No problem. Newport, Ky. may be landlocked, but the town serves up 10,000 Maine lobsters (and a whole lot more) on the banks of the Ohio River (Aug. 14-17) at the Great Inland Seafood Festival.

Gilroy, schmilroy. The Garlic and Herb Festival, August 30-31, in Bennington, Vermont, celebrates the stinking rose in all its assertive glory.

When it's swampy-hot, as North Carolina tends to get in August, a fat slice of watermelon goes down easy. Head to Winterville for the 29th Annual Watermelon Festival, August 21-23.

Straw-, rasp-, and blue- tend to get all the love but when blackberries have the optimal balance of tart to sweet, they're little jolts of delight.
The Blackberry Festival, August 30-September 1 in Bremerton, Washington, feels your pleasure.

Shrooms, dude, at the 33rd Telluride Mushroom Festival
in Telluride, Colorado, August 15-19.

Launched in 1950, the Delcambre Shrimp Festival, located twenty miles south of Lafayette, Louisiana, features shrimp in many guises, plus the selection of a Festival Queen and a King Crustacean. August 13-17.

The Austin Ice Cream Festival, celebrates America's favorite dessert (sorry, apple pie!) on August 9th at Fiesta Gardens.

Every year at 11am on the last Wednesday in August, in the Spanish town of Buñol, 30,000 people throw a lot of shade—nightshade—in the form of a tomato fight of epic proportions: This bit of insanity is known as the Tomatina Festival.

The Milford Oyster Festival, held on August 16 in Milford, Connecticut, is now in its 40th year. It involves an oyster cookoff, live music galore (Bret Michaels is this year's headliner) and more bivalves
than you can shake a pearl at.

BBQ hounds should head to Reno's 19th annual Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off (August 27th-September 1), where they take their 'cue very seriously indeed.

Barnesville, Minnesota host its annual Potato Days festival, August 22-23, filled with potato dishes, potato wrestling, the Miss Tater Tot Pageant and bad potato puns.

At the National Buffalo Wing Festival, a chicken wing eating contest heats up the foodstuff's hometown of Buffalo, N.Y. over Labor Day weekend, August 30 and 31st.

As they do with pizza, Chicago goes its own way when it comes to wiener variations. Yours for the choosing at the Chicago Hot Dog Fest,
August 9-10.

The Machias Wild Blueberry Festival in Maine, in its 39th year, celebrates the blues.

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