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Outdoor Dining

Vibrant pan-Euro cooking and a back patio turn August, 359 Bleecker [Charles] 212.929.4774, into a new summer getaway.

A thoughtful list of affordable wines and Italian snacks make D.O.C. Wine Bar, 83 N. 7th [Wythe] Williamsburg 718.963.1925, an appealing way to wind down after work. Other pluses: the farmhouse interior and outdoor seating. Cash only.

Yes, the world is going to hell in a handbasket, but at Barbetta, 321 W. 46th [8th/9th] 212.246.9171, and its gorgeous back garden (pictured), peace.

At the Italian hideaway called Grotto, 100 Forsyth [Broome/Grand] 212.625.3444, the garden makes a pleasant setting for the pleasurable food.

Scott Conant's warm and welcoming restaurant, L'Impero, 45 Tudor City Pl. [42nd/43rd] 212.599.5045, has terrace tables for the summer months.

Partners Jimmy Bradley and Danny Abrams never miss: The Red Cat, The Harrison, and The Mermaid Inn, 96 2nd [5th/6th] 212.674.5870. Here, seafood, modest prices, and a small garden.

From that dippiest, diphthongiest of continents, the Sunburnt Cow, 137 Ave. C [8th/9th] 212.529.0005, brings Aussie chow and that lied-beck voib to Alphabet City. Out back (heh), a room with a retractable roof.
Ferragamo, 560 7th [40th], today thru 5/20, 9-6:30. Shoes (women's and men's), bags, scarves, ties, and accessories.

In Friday's article, we wrote about "Assassins," suggesting that you should try to get seats close to the stage because of blocked sightlines and bartenders prepping the bar for intermission. We take a bullet for that one: there's no intermission. However, the bartenders are doing something noisy at the bar. Also, one reader suggested sitting in the front mezz for this show.

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