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MUG's monthly quiz. Answers will be posted after 3pm on our website.

Q: First mayor of NY? a) Thomas Willett b) Silas Deane c) Samuel Pitt d) Peter Bruckner e) Cin D. Adams
A: Thomas Willett

Q: This watch company built the first skyscraper observatory atop their HQ at 580 5th Avenue in 1920. Name the company.
A: Bulova

Q: What was the original name of the "Seinfeld" show? a) The Seinfeld Series b) The Seinfeld Chronicles c) Jerryatrics d) Seinfeld Stands Up
A: The Seinfeld Chronicles

Q: You're looking at the Gubbio Studiolo. Where are you?
A: At the Met

Q: Which Dreamgirl from the original Broadway production also appears in the movie? a) Sheryl Lee Ralph b) Loretta Devine c) Jennifer Holliday
A: Loretta Devine

Q: What street is also known as Swing Street?
A: 52nd Street

Q: The first American chess tournament was held in NY in what year? a) 1803 b) 1843 c) 1903
A: 1843

Q: Only two original members of the NBA are still in their original cities. One team is the Knicks. What's the other?
A: Boston Celtics

Q: Who is the fashion designer pictured?
A: Ralph Rucci

Q: If you're on Aspen Knolls Way, what borough are you in?
A: Staten Island

cbgb, september 2006

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