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Q: Most agree that Coney Island got its name from the Dutch 'Conyne Eylandt'…meaning what? a) Pine Island b) Whitefish Island c) Rabbit Island d) Outlook Island e) Keep Off Island
A: Rabbit island

Q: Who's the current architect of the Moynihan Station project?
A: David Childs

Q: Rufus Wainwright recently performed the famous Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall concert. What year was the Judy original? a) 1955 b) 1961 c) 1967
A: 1961

Q: The longest non-stop flight from the tri-state area flies where?
A: Singapore

Q: The Department of Homeland Security, cutting New York's anti-terror funds by 40%, increased the number of 'high-risk' cities from seven to what? a) 26 b) 36 c) 46
A: 46

Q: Connie Chung's recent farewell song? a) "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" b) "One for My Baby (and One More for the Road)" c) "Thanks for the Memories"
A: "Thanks for the Memories"

Q: Where in town would you find three Gutenberg Bibles, manuscripts by Dickens and Twain, and original scores by Mozart and Beethoven?
A: Morgan Library

Q: Tiffany will be opening a second store in lower Manhattan (on Wall Street). The original store, known as Tiffany & Young, opened in 1837 (the first day sales totaled $4.98). What street were they on? a) Broadway b) W. 14th Street c) Wall Street d) Worth Street e) Pearl Street
A: Broadway (it was at 259 Bway at Warren)

Q: Wieners & Waffles, Burgers & Cupcakes, Pizza & Halvah, or Tacos & Tartes: which is the new 9th Avenue restaurant?
A: Burgers & Cupcakes

Q: In what decade did Barnes & Noble first set up shop in NYC?
A: The 1910s (1917)


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