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Sofa Disassembler
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Big sofa, small hall? You need a sofa disassembler. And a family that's 'been in sofas' for three generations is our pick: Z Bros., 914.769.3839. Joe Zeolla's grandfather used to build sofas and his father started Z Bros. 40 years ago.

A standard sofa breakdown costs in the $250 range (it'll cost more for more complicated jobs). Their work is guaranteed and they're bonded and insured. They do the work in your apartment whenever that's possible, but they also have a warehouse to disassemble and reassemble. If you buy a couch that you know is trouble, you can have it shipped directly to their warehouse. If you buy a couch that you don't know is trouble and it's currently wedged into a staircase, Z. Bros. will make an emergency call (for an additional fee). And if you've got a ginormous bookcase or armoire, Z Bros. can break that down for you, too.

One way to avoid S.U.S. (Sofa Uncertainty Syndrome) is to ask the sofa retailer if they will make a "fit call" as it's sometimes known. That means they send someone out to check halls, doorways, and other potential tight squeezes and determine whether the couch will fit. Room and Board, for example, will do a fit call for $39. They also have a handy guide to doing the necessary measurements yourself.

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