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The annual Star Festival recalls the mythical lovers, Hikoboshi and Orihme, who were separated by the Milky Way and only allowed to reunite one day: Tanabata. At Japan Society, children are invited to send wishes to the lovers through paper ornaments; there will be origami and storytelling, too.

Essential gazing manual:
Turn Left at Orion: Hundreds of Night Sky Objects to See in a Home Telescope and How to Find Them

Join fellow cosmos watchers Amateur Astronomers Association of NY (membership is $35 a year) for observing from places like
Brooklyn Bridge Park and The High Line.
[Photo: Joe Dinapoli]

National Geographic's Best Astronomy Photos of the Year:
at top, Guiding Light to the Stars [Photo: Mark Gee, Royal Observatory Greenwich APOY]. Above, Deep Space Winner Celestial Impasto [Photo: Adam Block, Royal Observatory Greenwich APOY]

Buying a telescope? Try B & H or Clairmont-Nichols.

From the AMNH, A Star's Remains Reveal Its Dying Moments

The End of Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light by Paul Bogard is the ideal companion for contemplating the night skies and the meaning of darkness. For more on light pollution, check out the website Globe at Night.


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