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The show that shocked the UK is astonishing the US!


Now through July 19, you can save more than $30 on the show The New Yorker calls "superb, often disturbing!"

Stu and Abby love each other so madly, they're driving each other crazy. Stitching follows the increasingly disturbing and inventive games the couple plays in order to connect. As they circle and test each other, they role-play with reality and fantasy to the point where even they don't seem sure what is real anymore.

"[The] extremely gorgeous Meital Dohan and Gianino give energetic, bruise inducing performances under Timothy Haskell's direction."

-The New York Times

"The play lingers in the mind, thanks to the emotional acuity of the writing and the deeply committed performances by its actors."


Catch the US premiere of Stitchng while you can!

Tickets are only $25 (originally $55)

VISIT the buy tickets page on and enter special code MUGTIX.

CALL 212.352.3101 and mention special code MUGTIX.

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