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The 4th Bin

Planned obsolescence has worked well for plenty of electronics companies and we like getting new electronic toys—the latest computer, flat-screen TV, digital camera or Apple creation—as much as anyone.

It's become a huge environmental problem, however. According to the EPA, over two million tons a year of discarded electronics leach heavy metals into landfills and pose health problems to workers in developing countries where some e-waste is sent for processing.

What began as design competition to create a logo for e-waste recycling, The 4th Bin is now an ongoing service offering pickup of e-waste "for ethical reuse and recycling from local residents and businesses."

For residences, schedule a pickup and get a price quote here. Click here for a list of what they take.

What happens to your stuff? It's either refurbished and resold or, if it can't be used, broken down for recycling of parts. They don't export or landfill any of it. Read more about where your e-waste goes here.

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