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Where to Take Them

Your rich uncle/aunt…
Alain Ducasse, 155 W. 58th [6th/7th] 212.265.7300. With Christian Delouvrier now under the toque, take Uncle/Aunt Portfolio (with the understanding that he's/she's taking you) back to Ducasse. Pleasure awaits.

Your old college roommate…
Tell your roomie you're heading down to the pub to relive old times. Just make sure it's the new British-style gastro-pub called The Spotted Pig, 314 W. 11th [Greenwich St.] 212.620.0393, where April Bloomfield, formerly with London's River Cafe, is installed in the kitchen.

Daniel, 60 E. 65th [Mad/Park] 212.288.0033. No points for originality here, but, really, where else would they rather go? At Daniel, kings eat like kings, but then, so does everybody else.

Your bargain-hunting friends…
Le Zinc, 139 Duane [Church/W. Bway] 212.513.0001. Chanterelle's baby sister isn't cheap (entrees average $19), but it is a value for hanger steak and other French bistro favorites (as well as the occasional dish from elsewhere).

Foodie friends…
Sumile, 154 W. 13th [6th/7th] 212.989.7699. Union Pacific alum Josh DeChellis is wowing diners with small plates of delicious Japanese-fusion creations.

Clients you like…
V Steakhouse, 10 Col Circle [60th] 212.823.9500. J-G V's new place at the TWC. V. gd stk, V for Vegas decor, or maybe Vargas girls. Clients v. :)

Your trendiest friends…
Five Ninth, 5 9th [Little W. 12th] 212.929.9460. If your friends are that trendy, they may be boycotting the Meatpacking District come nightfall, but brave the crowds anyway for Zak Pelaccio's cooking. His style spans the globe, though he clearly has an affinity for Asian ingredients.
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