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Even if the store's name falls less than trippingly off the tongue, the wines of, 23 Jones [Bleecker/W. 4th] 212.242.5144, invariably sit well on the palate. It's one of our favorite places to buy wine in the city.

Owner Jeff Hock has created a mellow, welcoming shop with several dozen carefully chosen bottles lining the walls. In his 'good table wine' category, you can find a Montepulciano for $8. 'Best buys' average about $15, with wines from Bonny Doon, Spanish Albariños, and entries from Bordeaux, the Rhône, Italy, Australia, Chile, and elsewhere. Mr. Hock stocks premium choices, too.

As you'd expect, has a well-organized and informative website at And delivery is promised within 90 minutes south of 125th Street.
If you haven't discovered it already, chances are you're not a foodie: The Food Section,, puts many glossy food magazines to shame: it's a compendium of writing and photos by Josh Friedland, plus links to events, reviews, recipes, and just about anything food-related. It has an enthusiasm for food (as opposed to happy, stylish people sitting around an artfully arranged table with artfully arranged food) that makes it a treat to surf.

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