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The turntables at MUG are spinning again, and we've put together a spring soundtrack of a dozen tunes for a walk this weekend. You can hear a sample of each selection on the WMUG Spring 08 Playlist (iTunes required).

Song: "Vecka Utan"
Artist: Albin Gromer
Genre: R&B/Soul

Song: "Along the Way"
Artist: DeVotchKa
Genre: Alternative

Song: "Give It All"
Artist: Amanda Baker
Genre: R&B/Soul

Song: "Waiting…"
Artist: City and Colour
Genre: Alternative

Song: "La Promenade"
Artist: Lemongrass
Genre: Electronic

Song: "I Only Want to Be With You"
Artist: Shelby Lynne
Genre: Pop

Song: "A Setting Sun"
Artist: Grand Archives
Genre: Alternative

Song: "A Felicidade (Happiness)"
Artist: Karrin Allyson
Genre: Latin Jazz

Song: "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?"
Artist: She & Him
Genre: Alternative

Song: "True North"
Artist: Meg Hutchinson
Genre: Folk

Song: "Mapping Wales: Vivace"
Artist: John Metcalf
Genre: Classical

Song: "The World I Love"
Artist: Papercuts
Genre: Alternative


On Window Boxes:
"Long time, no comment.  But you really called it right when you opened the article with the dangers/likelihood of defenestration! Me, I couldn't care less about flowers. If I'm putting my time, energy, and investment into growing a few measly plants, I want to be able to eat them!  So, my window box plantings have always been herbs. I've had good luck over the years with a range—sage, rosemary, oregano, thyme (grows like a weed), mint, even parsley once, from seed.  (Alas, basil has never thrived.  I think its roots needs deeper soil than a window box allows.)  Herbs are quite lovely — not as showy as flowers, perhaps, but quite satisfying to grow. My outer window sills are tilted, downward.  A few years ago I discovered the hard way that thyme does indeed fly.  I have since rigged up bungee cord strapping to stabilize the window box to the radiator inside. Very Rube Goldberg, but hey. It's nice to boast at Thanksgiving that I grew the sage in the stuffing!  And the mint for the Kentucky Derby juleps, etc."

"I feel the (rare) need to drop you a line with props for a service I was forced to use yesterday. Ordered a sleeper sofa from Room & Board that—horrors!—would not fit in our elevator. Per suggestion from the delivery guys, I called Dr. Sofa and they dispatched a team that arrived within 45 minutes, expertly disassembled, and then reassembled the sofa. I felt the price, $299, was approaching fair, especially given the rapid response. I was caught over a barrel and they could have easily offered an empty promise of fast delivery or gouged on the price, but they did neither." [See also MUG's article on this topic]

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