About Manhattan User's Guide
Manhattan User's Guide is the e-mail, published three times a week, that keeps you on top of the five boroughs (not just Manhattan!)…from splashy restaurant openings or wonderful hole-in-the-walls to useful services such as the best moving companies or tailors to the best shopping in town, the occasional look at bad architecture, good politics, good architecture, or bad politics. How the media is behaving. MUG does the legwork and tells it straight. MUG began publication in 1992 and developed a loyal following for its monthly newsletter that ran through 2000. The daily e-mail MUG launched in January, 2003. If you'd like to subscribe to the most entertaining and useful e-mail you may get all day, click here. We're ad-free, and 100% reader supported (donations are voluntary).

What kinds of topics do you cover?
The first word on the best new restaurants, shows, and shops. Where to get a coat relined, Scandinavian pop, public sculpture, books on NY, sample sales, jewelry, vintage cars, tennis, movers, hotel swimming pools, new bars, rental car deals, craft classes, Korean food, hotels under $200… How to get just about anything fixed: lamps, air conditioners, jewelry – anything but parking tickets. Poetry readings, men's shaving, chocolates, NY websites, Broadway composers, medical privacy, kitchen and bath renovation, British shirts, lost or stolen wallet help, organ donation, rising stars, green NY, Long Island wines, wedding advice, new gadgets. The best gifts to give new parents, older pets, or your bad old self. If it's interesting, entertaining or useful (the good, the bad, and the rest) – and it's relevant to New Yorkers – we may write about it.

But wait, there's more! Every day, a photo from joe's nyc: one shot of one spot in the city. Joe's compositions are invariably fresh and revealing, whether it's a hidden corner, someone at work, an expression, a juxtaposition. On Fridays, the skint points readers to the best events the city has to offer at little or no cost. And every Wednesday, MUG features artist Jason Polan's mission to draw Every Person in New York.

How do you do it?
After more than 20 years of experience unearthing the best of New York, we still follow the same guidelines we have from the beginning. We write only about things that we think will interest our readers. That means we accept no payment of any kind, no gifts, for our recommendations, with one exception: MUG is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by linking to Amazon. We'll never recommend or link to anything that we don't believe in. That's always been the foundation of MUG and we'd never do anything to betray the trust we've earned from readers since we first started publishing, on paper, in 1992.

Why should I take your word for it?
Don't. Here's what the press has said over the years about MUG…NY Post: "The best insider's guide…very smart, opinionated and comprehensive. Cool restaurant selections, right-on-the-mark restaurant advice. A must-have" WABC-TV: "Very much like Manhattan itself in that it is brimming with exciting people, places, and things in a relatively small space" The Daily News: "The best places to eat…the most dependable businesses…tips on smart living" Marie Claire: "Already a bible" Travel & Leisure: "Filled with gems" Salon: "Exhaustive" Publishers Weekly: "Useful…fun…sources not found elsewhere"…The Boston Globe: "The finer points of New York" The Chicago Tribune: "Valuable advice…wonderful descriptions…full of surprises…the guide is a fascinating tour de force" The Newsletter on Newsletters: "A delight to read"…The New York Observer: "Useful"…NY Press: "Accurate, interesting, succinct and polished, it's as if the yellow pages were crossbred with your most knowledgeable city friend". And we're the proud, worldwide winner of Mashable's Best Local Blog!

Who started this, anyway?
Charlie Suisman launched Manhattan User's Guide in 1992, creating the first city newsletter. He has written several guide books to New York, including Manhattan User's Guide, published by Hyperion, The New York Times Guide to Hotels in New York City, and The New York Holiday Guide. In addition, he has contributed to City Secrets: New York and Design New York 2003. He has written for The New York Times, Food & Wine, InStyle, Budget Travel, getTRIO, Diversion, Sidewalk, and New York Today. He is considered an expert on New York and has been quoted in The New York Times, USA Today, Business Week, The L.A. Times, The New York Post, The New York Daily News, The International Herald Tribune, msnbc.com, The Boston Globe, NY1, WABC Channel 7 and elsewhere.