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Powers of 10
It's Powers of 10 Day, 10/10 on your calendar. The idea stems from 1977 when Charles and Ray Eames made their 9-minute documentary that begins with a man napping in a park and zooms out by the power of 10, up to 100 million light years into space and then back down to the subatomic level. At the time, the technology used to create it was cutting edge (NASA helped) but even if the technology doesn't seem so remarkable today, the mind-blowing concepts are as mind-blowing as ever (a little weed helps). Through the rest of the month, you can watch the short film on the Eames website for free.

The Powers of 10 is an interdisciplinary approach; 11:11-spotters are more paranormally inclined (though a good friend of ours, otherwise sensible in every respect, is an 11:11 spotter). These people, for whom November 11th, at 11:11 am and pm is the apotheosis, get hooked on the 1111 template and the more they look the more instances they see. Of course if you start thinking about crabapples or Milk of Magnesia all the time, you'd probably see those a lot, too.

Friday the 13th
Nobody really knows the origin of the whole Friday the 13th thing, which takes place this week (whoa! the same week as powers of 10 and a few weeks before 11-11, dude that is freaky), but that doesn't stop people from guessing. There were 13 people at the Last Supper. Christ was crucified on a Friday. Or it was because of Friday, October 13, 1307 when there was that whole Pope/Knight of the Templar kerfuffle. Many other theories abound. Snopes has one of the better rundowns.
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