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10 Great Things - Part 2

This is Part 2 of 10 Great Things about NYC from local bloggers. Read Part 1 here.

ROSECRANS BALDWIN, themorningnews.org
1. The Knicks
Everyone loves a tragic story where everyone gets hurt. But a million good wishes to Latrell Sprewell and Jeff Van Gundy wherever they go.
2. Homicide reporting in the Daily News.
3. Upland Trading
236 E. 13th [2nd/3rd] 212.673.4994
4. Endless Movie Theaters
In "The Last Waltz," The Band's Levon Helm describes Times Square as streets of endless movie theaters, which, if not exactly true anymore, is still a pretty good metaphor for Manhattan.
5. Services at St. John the Divine
6. Walking Around Manhattan
The length of 10th Street; St. Nicholas Boulevard; Riverside Park in spring; the High Line; Chinatown, Little Italy, and Soho at dawn; The park by the U.N. in summer; late night coming home over the Williamsburg bridge.
7. Gramercy Tavern
42 E. 20th [Bway/Park Ave. S.] 212.477.0777
8. The smell of the city from a cab driving home from LaGuardia.
9. Ernie Anastos, Brian Lehrer, Al Sharpton, Ed Koch.
10. My view of Manhattan from the west Brooklyn waterfront.

DAVID F. GALLAGHER, lightningfield.com
1. The Williamsburgh Savings Bank Building
In my part of Brooklyn it's pretty much all the skyline we've got. In sideprofile, as it appears out the back window of our apartment, it looksimpossibly skinny. And on cold days when steam pours out of a hole in thetop, it is straight out of a 1930's movie. Check out the spectacular bankbranch inside. 1 Hanson Pl. [Ashland]
2. Al Di La
There are a lot of new restaurants on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope. Some arevery good. None are as good as Al Di La. Unusual and unpretentious Italianfood. They opened a new wine bar in the back in an obvious ploy to getmore money out of us during the inevitable wait for a table (noreservations). 248 5th Ave. [Carroll] Bklyn 718.783.4565
3. Green-Wood Cemetery
It's surrounded by auto-body shops, but inside the gates is a vast maze ofgreenery and trees and over-the-top Victorian statuary. The management istrying to broaden the appeal of the place in an effort to attractdonations, but the horror-movie series in the chapel didn't go over toowell. 500 25th St. [5th] Bklyn
4. Park Slope Food Coop
You need to be a member to shop here, which means working 2.75 hours permonth, perhaps hauling boxes of tofu around or slicing cheese. In returnyou get excellent produce and lots of gourmet stuff, very cheap. Optional:Monthly queer vegan potlucks! 782 Union St. [6th/7th] Bklyn 718.622.0560
5. Half Wine Bar
A new discovery that is another good reason to hike up to Prospect Heightsevery now and then. Manhattan slick, Brooklyn friendly. 626 Vanderbilt Ave. Bklyn 718.783.4100
6. Gorilla Coffee
I'm putting this on my list so I will remember to hang out there moreoften. It's small, sunny, very red and just down the street, so I have noexcuses. Also I like the sign. 97 5th Ave. [Park Pl.] 718.230.3243
7. Matter
Mod lifestyle accessories. When stores play cool electronic music it makesme want to buy things. I am a sucker. 227 5th Ave. [President/Garfield] Bklyn 718.230.1150
8. Jade Plaza
This Sunset Park madhouse is a great place for a noisy dim sum feast, andthe Hong Kong Supermarket across the street is a great place to pick upsome live frogs on the way home. 6022 Eighth Ave. [60th] Bklyn 718.492.6888
9. B-D-N-Q trains Over the Manhattan Bridge
It's your standard commute until the sun suddenly pours in and your subwaytrain starts to fly and everyone pulls out their cell phones.
10. Freddy's
This nutty neighborhood bar in Prospect Heights would be destroyed ifplans to build a stadium megacomplex go through. The sense of imminentdoom has, of course, made the place more popular than ever. I guess youcould say the same thing about New York. 485 Dean [6th Ave.] Bklyn 718.622.7035

AMY LANGFIELD, amylangfield.com
1. The Subway
The great utilitarian, liberating backbone of the metropolis.
2. Central Park
The eye of the hurricane.
3. The Great Hall at Ellis Island
You can actually breathe in the fear and expectation still lingering in this room.
The Strand
Greatest book store in the world. 828 Bway [12th] 212.473.1452
5. Richard Ruben's Greenmarket Class
Takes you from the Union Square farmers market to the Institute of Culinary Education, where Mr. Ruben guides the class in inventing recipes with whatever is in season that weekend. 50 W. 23rd [5th/6th] 212.847.0770
6. Rudy Giuliani
Despite his flaws, his emotional leadership in the wake of Sept. 11 was remarkable.
7. Dog Runs
There's a reason the viewing areas for the dog runs in city parks get crowded with non-dog-owner onlookers.
8. Crème brûlée at Le Cirque 2000
Like sex for dessert. 455 Mad [50th/51st] 212.303.7788
9. Bowne & Co. Stationers
They used their antique letterpress to make our wedding invitations. 211 Water [John] 212.748.8651
10. Bistro Burger at Corner Bistro
Order it with a McSorley's on tap and you'll get all four food groups: beef, pork, cheese, and beer. 331 W. 4th [Jane] 212.242.9502

ARI PAPARO, everythingny.com
1. Peter Luger
Why don't more restaurants offer bacon as an appetizer? 178 Bway [Driggs] Bklyn 718.387.7400
2. The F Train
It's like magic, from Brooklyn, the LES, and midtown — where else do I ever have to go?
3. NY1
"Weather on the Ones" and "In the Paper"are the most innovative features in modern broadcasting
4. d.b.a.
How many other bars have WiFi and outdoor space? 41 1st Ave. [2nd/3rd] 212.475.5097
5. Donald Trump
Does any other celebrity get a preposition before his name?
6. The Power Broker by Robert Caro
Mention this book at any party to start a good conversation.
7. The Woolworth Building
"The Cathedral of Capitalism"
8. Union Square
Dog run, two Starbucks-es, statue of George Washington, many public bathrooms.
9. Grande Iced Americano
Available on every corner.
10. The Whale in the Museum of Natural History
The biggest mammal in NYC.

JEN CHUNG, gothamist.com
1. Subway Resources
NYC Subway and the Straphangers Campaign Two great web resources (and organizations) that let me know more than I ever wanted to know about the subway.
2. Gabe Pressman
When Gabe Pressman (Senior Correspondent, WNBC) comes on, I know that I should be listening: he intelligently covers a variety of stories, but focuses on politics and social issues. This November will be his 50th year of broadcasting and he knows his stuff. Pressman still reports from the street and does a show at 6:30AM on Sundays about public affairs.
3. Riverside Park
While I feel bad that no one mentions Riverside Park as much as they do Central, Hudson River, or Prospect Park, I can't complain because then I feel like it's the hidden gem just for the Upper West Side. Great places to run, lots of dog runs…even the hordes of people waiting at the Boat Basin are okay as long as I get my Electric Lemonade.
4. Asian Daughters with Jewish Mothers in Park Slope
Perhaps because I'm Asian myself, seeing these kids makes me happy that there are people to love them. Plus I'm imagining them trying to juggle a schedule of Chinese AND Hebrew schools in the afternoons and on the weekends, the new hybrid generation of Chinese-Jewish overachievers or calling on the need for a Hebrew Chinese or Chinese Hebrew school.
5. Taxi Ride: Brooklyn Bridge
…to the FDR and seeing the U.N. Secretariat peer out from the edge. There is something magical about crossing the Brooklyn Bridge…and there's something wonderfully perfect about driving along the East River at the edge of the city.
6. Lincoln Plaza Cinemas
An underground theater oasis. It's one of the best programmed theaters (thanks to Dan Talbot) and is a place of comfort to me as I would go there all the time during college and the staff recognized me (or at least pretended they did) and was very welcoming.
7. People Who Let Me Pet Their Dogs
Yes, I am that girl who asks "Can I please pet your dog?" and then asks "What's his/her name? What kind of dog is it? " and then look forlorn five minutes later when I have to tear myself away.
8. Fairway
It really is like no other market: The cheapest yogurt for miles, expensive balsamic vinegars, extensive organic foods, British sweets…Other intense shoppers and too-long-lines on weekends can make visits there a little trying, but I'll do anything to try the new cheese Steven Jenkins has picked out. 2127 Bway [74th] 212.595.1888
9. Cafe Luxembourg
My neighborhood restaurant, where I go to collect my thoughts after work or on weekend mornings. I can eat everything on the menu and probably have. 200 W. 70th [Amst/WEA] 212.873.7411
10. The New York Times
In front of my door and on my computer. Enough said.
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