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10 New York Books

Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York
A visual tour of Mom and Pop stores, in various immigrant flavors,
by James and Karla Murray.

Year of the Dog
The second in a series (Chinatown Beat was the first) featuring
NYPD Det. Jack Yu and the real star, Chinatown itself.

New York City Museum of Complaint: Municipal Collection 1751-1969
Matthew Bakkom has had the ingenious idea of collecting letters written to the NYC Mayor between 1751 and 1969. There are 132 here, covering, as you can imagine, a wide range of concerns. Pub date: April 1.

Faith and Fear in Flushing
'Life, death and New York Met baseball' from Greg Prince,
based on his blog of the same name. Pub date: April.

Patti Smith's New York
The story of the musician, by Ellen Moynihan, but also the story of New York's evolution over the past three decades.

Next Stop New York
Brooklyn-born Arthur Leipzig has been recording NYC with a sharp, sympathetic eye in black-and-white images dating backing to the 1940s.
The book collects 90 of them.

Mr. Jefferson's Piano And Other Central Harlem Stories
Betty Wilson's novel is inspired by true events, featuring a woman in city government tasked with managing city-owned property
in "distressed" neighborhoods.

The Starker
The life of Big Jack Zelig, one of NY's first larger-than-life crime bosses.
Rose Keefe tells his story and reveals who ordered him killed.

Governors Island: The Jewel of New York Harbor
An account, by urban planner and historian Ann L. Buttenwieser, of that richly storied piece of land. Available in March.

Very Valentine
The Angelini Shoe Company, a fictitious Greenwich Village family business, is the backdrop for Adriana Trigiani's novel set in New York and Italy,
the first of a proposed trilogy.

The Mast Brothers, New York's only beans-to-bar chocolate makers, have opened a shop in Williamsburg. It's at 105 N. 3rd [Berry/Wythe] 718.388.2625. A big bar of their elegant chocolate is $7. Not cheap, when everyone's watching every penny these days, and yet worth each one of those pennies.

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