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10 Weekend Pleasures

Music: Bootleg Remedy is performing at Joe's Pub, 425 Lafayette [Astor/E. 4th] 212.539.8770, on Saturday at 9:30pm. If there's such a thing as bluegrass fusion, they're it: it's bluegrass mixed with swing, jazz, country, Dixieland and probably Gregorian chants on some nights. In any case, don't miss them. (If you do, though, they're at Fez on June 27th).

Movies: "Spellbound". Not the Hitchcock movie, but a new documentary about eight teenagers trying to win the National Spelling Bee. Surprisingly engrossing, funny and even touching. It's at the Film Forum at 1:15, 3:15, 6, 8, and 10.

Books: Dry. Speaking of funny and touching, Augusten Burrough's last book, Running With Scissors was one of our favorites of last year: a zany memoir of a distinctly unzany childhood. In Dry, Mr. Burroughs more or less picks up the story.

Theatre: "Mondo Drama", Douglas Carter Beane's new comedy, starring Caroline Rhea, is "a whirlwind tour of the seedy, the sexy and the stylish." It's at the Drama Dept., 27 Barrow [Bleecker/7th Ave. S.] 212.239.6200.

Sports: Here's a resource for all things kayaking: www.kayakonline.com/new_york.html

Gay and Lesbian: Sunday evenings downstairs at Guernica, 25 Ave. B [2nd] 212.674.0984, is a women's dance party called Play with open turntables for female DJs.

Shopping: Baker Furniture, 129 Hudson [Beach] 212.343.2956, is the furniture producer's huge Tribeca outpost. Bill Sofield, who designed the store, also has done a contemporary collection for Baker. The furniture isn't cheap but it certainly is beautiful.

For Kids: If it's as rainy as they predict, what could be better than dinosaurs and the blue whale? At the Museum of Natural History, CPW and 79th. 212.769.5100.

Bar: Belly, 155 Rivington [Suffolk/Clinton] 212.533.1810. A wine bar on the LES, with loads of atmosphere (Oriental, with red walls) and a comfortable vibe.

Brunch: We're always happy for a return trip to Londel's, 2620 Frederick Douglass [139th/140th] for a soulful brunch.
We'll be on a break until Tuesday, 5/27. See you then.

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