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17th Street Photo

17th Street Photo is up on the fourth floor of a fairly non-descript building, so it doesn't get a lot of street traffic. All the better for you when you're in the market for a new camera, scanner or pair of binoculars. The staff here has the time to help you, all the requisite knowledge and they couldn't be more pleasant. It may be the best place to buy a camera in the city.

Even though it doesn't have a glitzy showroom, 17th Street does have strong selection of 35mm, digital, even underwater cameras from Canon, Pentax, Minolta and many others. In our price comparisons, they were equal to, or beat other stores in town. For example, the Olympus IS-5 is $348 at J & R, 17th Street sells it for $294.89.

They're located at 34 W. 17th [5th/6th] 366.9870, and you can check their website at

Note that they're closed weekends.
Some new technology in the microwave oven world: Panasonic has a new line of microwave ovens that feature what they call Inverter Technology. Conventional microwaves have two power levels: on and off. So if you want to cook something at 70%, the oven cooks at its full power 70% of the time, idling the rest. These Panasonics cook continuously at 'truer' levels. The benefits of this are more even cooking throughout, quicker defrosting, and the ability to stack two levels of food with good results. Find the ovens at Gracious Home, 1992 Bway [67th] 231.7800 and 1220 Third Avenue [70th] 517.6300.

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