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Part 6

The final edition of our 1914 series, courtesy of the NY Times' TimesMachine, following what New Yorkers of 100 years ago were following.

We've included links to the articles, but you can only read them with a digital (or home delivery) subscription.

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November 1
The Times Searchlight to Tell the Results of the Election

Turning Canal Street into a 'great wholesale centre'.

November 4
Oldest Aeronaut Dead: Samuel A. King, who died at 87, had made 480 balloon flights.

November 5
Zeppelinphobia in London and using Zeppelin as a verb
(it 'Zeppelined out the window').

November 7
Psychology Applied to Typography doesn't give up much info, but we think it's interesting that the Times is considering its own typos in a Freudian light.

Ix-nay on the war talk: Beauty Shop Now Neutral

November 8
Sick Man of Europe Dying at Last: the end of the once-powerful Turkish Empire in Europe

The Comments Section: Readers of the Times Discuss Various Phases of the Great War

November 9
No Peace Before 1917

November 11
Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney and a 27-member Red Cross corps head to France

November 14
The Rockaways threaten secession

November 15
George Bernard Shaw's long essay, Common Sense About the War, is controversial in its time (the Times describes it in an editorial on the same day as "even-handed scorn for every one concerned…")

November 18

November 22
Women of Today Are Making Their Mark as Modern World Builders

November 24
About New York's appeal despite the lack of city planning: "The fact that [New York] is beautiful in spite of its own blemishes is no one's fault but its own." Also, Broadway is a 'convulsion'

November 29
Then: typhoid
Now: ebola

December 3
Front page souffle kerfuffle: The cook, the general, the war and the souffle (the French can be so adorable)

December 5
Opera star Mary Garden Won't Sing for a Year: "…art seems further from me than ever before. It has been crowded away by the pity and horror of war."

December 6
Baseball in Hawaii

A Crying Need, especially in New York City, for better medical attention at less expense.

Joyce Kilmer on abolishing poetry: Bards Are No Longer Picturesque But Look Prosaic and Wear Everyday Clothes and Cut Their Hair and Drink Milk Shakes and—Oh, It's Simply Awful!

December 10
The index finger:

The middle finger:

December 13
Congress working on an immigration bill

December 17
The terrible plight of the Belgians: All Belgium in Long Bread Line. "In the brilliantly lighted cafes of Brussels and Antwerp, the German officers drink wine and make merry, while out in the cold, women and children and old men hungrily watch the feasting."

Also that spendthrift Chicago Broke Again

December 23
Shibboleth watch: in New York, you wait ON line

December 25
Christmas Cheer in the Trenches: a bottle of Champagne for every four Frenchmen, plum puddings for the British.

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