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2 Bag Designers

We've realized over the years that our search for the perfect bag is always going to be about the hunt, never the score. We've made our peace with that. And so if today's two bag designers don't make perfect bags, they sure make the journey more fun.

Brooklyn Bags makes bags for men and women in a lot of styles, all of them charming. They're the designs and handmade work of Aaron Sciandra who does, in fact, live in Brooklyn. He'll customize the size and strap for you, and you can even send in your own fabric. For all that, they are very modestly priced.

District Cotton, an environmentally-aware company, makes clothing t-shirts, hoodies, and bags. Their one-of-a-kind recycled billboard bags, made for this New York company in Buenos Aires, are pretty darn cool. Totes are $54, 'university' style bags are $84; they also come as bowling bags and minis.

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