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20 Questions: Extreme Edition

Extreme edition. The oldest, hottest, the record, the first, the most expensive. Like that. We'll post the answers on our blog at 1pm.

1 Hottest Day on Record in NYC
July 9th, 1936. How hot did it get?

2 Coldest Recorded Temp in NYC
February 9, 1934. How cold did it get?

3 Deepest Subway Line
It's on the 1/9 line. Which station? (Think uptown)

4 Largest Manmade Structure in the World
It opened in 1947 and is set to undergo a major transformation in the coming years.

5 NYC's Biggest Snowfall in 24 Hours
a) 25.8 inches b) 28.3 inches c) 38.1 inches

6 Most Expensive Sundae
Serendipity makes it. What's the price tag?

7 The Smallest Apartment in the World
It's 90 square feet. In what nabe?

8 Tallest Building in the World, from 1913-1930

9 World Record for a Work of Art at Auction
The auction took place this past May at Sotheby's and the work is now on view at MoMA. Name the work of art, which is one version of four.

10 Oldest Surviving Structure in NYC
It's from 1652. What is it?
a) St. Paul's Chapel b) Pieter Claesen Wyckoff House c) Fraunces Tavern

11 Longest-Running Broadway Show?

12 Thirstiest New Yorker
"Eighteen whiskies. A record, I think," he supposedly said in 1953 before he staggered out of the White Horse Tavern and died. Name the poet.

13 First NYC Airport
It opened in 1930. Name?
a) LaGuardia b) Floyd Bennett Field c) Storm Field d) Totie Fields

14 A.T. Stewart's 1846 Business
The first NYC what?

15 Most Expensive Dog Wedding in History
Cost $270,000 (all donated, to raise awareness for the Humane Society), took place this past July at the Essex House. Who performed the ceremony?
a) Joan Rivers b) Mayor Bloomberg c) Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

16 Most Expensive NYC Apartment Listing
On sale for?
a) $75 million b) $100 million c) $135 million

17 The World's Largest Ferris Wheel
Due in this borough, 2015.

18 Oldest Living Thing in NYC

19 Longest Express Run on the Subway
Between which two stations?

20 Oldest Public Hospital in the City
Also, it's the oldest in the country. Its name?


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