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20 Questions: It Happened in Summer

1. August 25, 1940: What happened to Arno Rudolphi and Ann Hayward on the World's Fair Parachute Jump?
A: They got married (the first ever parachute marriage)

2. June 6, 1664: Major rebranding. What was it?
A: New Amsterdam became New York

3. August 18, 1939: What movie, partially in black and white, partially in color, opened on this date in New York City?
A: The Wizard of Oz

4. July 12, 1984: She represented Queens 9th District in the House of Representatives and was chosen on this date as Walter Mondale's vice-presidential candidate. Her name?
A: Geraldine Ferraro

5. July 30, 1777: NY's first governor takes office. He later served as Vice President under Jefferson and Madison. His name?
a) Padua Perses b) Perses Clinton c) George Clinton d) Nelson George e) Nelsen Nilsson
A: George Clinton

6. June 13, 1971: The New York Times begins publishing the secret Department of Defense study on the history of U.S. involvement in Vietnam from 1945-1967. These documents are commonly known as?
A: The Pentagon Papers

7. August 15, 1934: William Beebe, of the New York Zoological Society (now the Wildlife Conservation Society) set a record in Bermuda (3,028 feet) for the deepest dive in this thing. What is it called? (Hint: if you are a Sondheim fan, you know the answer to this)
A: Beebe's Bathysphere

8. July 31, 1990: Part of the NY Daily News front page headline is "Gone! The Boss gets the thumb." What happened?
A: Fay Vincent fires George Steinbrenner.

9. June 19, 1885: It arrived safely in New York Harbor, in 350 pieces, on this date. What was it?
A: The Statue of Liberty

10. June 28, 1969: The uprising. June 28, 2016: designated a national monument. The name?
A: Stonewall

11. June 15, 1904: A fire aboard this paddle steamer in the East River killed 1,021.
A: The General Slocum

12. New York State's Pure Food Law, enacted to prevent "the adulteration of food or drugs," in what decade?
a) 1880s b) 1910s c) 1930s d) 1970s
A: August 27, 1881

13. July 11, 1804: The duel between Hamilton and Burr happened on this day. Where did it take place?
A: Weehawken

14. August 17, 1969: The Woodstock Music Festival—where did it take place?
a) Woodstock b) The Vly c) Bethel d) Bearsville e) Kerhonkson
A: Bethel

15. August 10, 1977: Postal worker David Berkowitz was arrested. By what name is he better known?
A: Son of Sam

16. July 9, 1776: What did his troops hear from George Washington on this date?
A: He read them the Declaration of Independence

17. August, 23 1979: This Bolshoi Ballet dancer defects after a performance in New York City. His name?
A: Alexander Godunov

18. July 9th, 1936: On the hottest day on record in NYC, how hot did it get?
A: 106

19. June 9, 1973: This horse won the Triple Crown with his Belmont Stakes race.
A: Secretariat

20. June 16, 1890. This, designed by Stanford White, opened. What is it?
A: Madison Square Garden (the second one)


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