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20 Questions
the skint

Test your NYC trivia knowledge. Results here after 1pm today.

1 A co-founder of the once-great Village Voice?
a) Adam Moss b) Norman Mailer c) Gore Vidal d) Shirley Booth

2 Jeremy Lin's jersey number?

3 Which, if any, NYC mayor has become U.S. President?

4 What dog is honored with a Central Park sculpture?
a) Balto b) Balki c) Malted d) Matilda e) Telly

5 What was the name of the 95-year-old woman who died this week after collapsing at a Fashion Week show?

6 Place these NY Times restaurant critics in order that they served in that job:
Frank Bruni
William Grimes
Bryan Miller
Ruth Reichl
Mimi Sheraton
Sam Sifton
Pete Wells

7 Born in Trinidad, raised in Queens, Grammy-nominated in 2012 for Pink Friday. Her name?

8 If you're on Drainage Street, which borough are you in?

9 The forthcoming Broadway play Clybourne Park has already earned a Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Who's the playwright?
a) Suzan-Lori Parks b) Julian Fellowes c) Bruce Norris d) Susan Glaspell e) Caryl Churchill

10 When was MoMA founded?
a) 1919 b) 1929 c) 1949

11 Who is the Manhattan Borough President?
a) Abe Beame b) Charles Schumer c) Nipsey Russell d) Scott Stringer e) Christine Quinn

12 Two brothers, originally from Lithuania, opened a dairy on the LES in 1882, creating a much-liked sour cream, still being made (though owned now by Kraft). The last name of the brothers?

13 On this date in 1925, a weekly magazine launched that continues to this day. Its name?

14 The building below, by architect Toshiko Mori, isn't open because funding for staff is lacking. What is it?

15 Barney's Warehouse Sale is on now. But who was Barney?
a) The founder's name b) The founder's dog's name c) Barney Greengrass d) Barney Frank

16 What's the real name of sculptor Tony Rosenthal's Astor Place Cube? (100 bonus points: where in the U.S. is the Cube's twin?)

17 Shake Shack's name for its 'dense frozen custard'?

18 Which two of these East Side avenues were not part of the original NYC street grid?
a) Madison Avenue b) Lexington Avenue c) York Avenue

19 Cabaret great Julie Wilson wears something in her hair as her trademark, as did another great singer before her. What is it? (25 bonus points: who is the other singer?)
a) baby's breath b) lily c) ranunculus d) gardenia

20 Roughly, how many New Yorkers walk to work?
a) 225,000 b) 375,000 c) 525,000

skint - adj. british slang (1930-35)
lacking funds, broke, bust, stone-broke, impecunious

Around town this weekend, courtesy of the skint: a daily listing of free and cheap things to buy, see, do and eat in New York.

fri 9pm: $3 brooklyn beer will flow at overflow magazine + the skint's hot winter romp in gowanus: warm up february with bhangra courtesy of international performer dj rekha, balkan brass via the raya brass band, and soul sounds from djs treetop + shinobi. littlefield, $7.

sat 8pm: the lindsey buckingham appreciation society performs fleetwood mac's 1982 album mirage in its entirety at littlefield, $12

sat 10pm: live taping of comedian lee camp's new album and book release for moment of clarity with guests katie goodman and rain pryor. bonus: free homemade chocolate brownies. bowery poetry club, $8.

sun 1-3pm: n'orleans-style gumbo cook-off: $20 gets you unlimited tastings of the stuff from professional and amateur competitors. proceeds go towards chefs for the marcellus, which aims to protect farms from dangers of fracking. jimmy's no. 43.

sun 9:30pm: several artists including dj spooky, dj rekha, john hollenbeck + theo blackman, and pamela z perform music they contributed to monk mix: remixes + interpretations of music by meredith monk at joe's pub. $15 admission includes a copy of the cd.

sun: online bridesmaid dress rental boutique little borrowed dress opens in soho with $75 eight-day rentals that include dry cleaning and return shipping.

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