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20 Questions It Happened in Spring

Q: What was the big event that took place on Wall Street for George Washington on April 30, 1789? (No, it was not a fundraiser.)
A: His inauguration

Q: On April 7 in what year did Grand Central become commuter-only, as the last Amtrak train left the station?
a) 1975 b) 1981 c) 1991
A: 1991

Q: This popular arts institution closed its doors, after 63 years, on May 21, 2002 for a major two-year overhaul by Yoshio Taniguchi.

Q: Consolidating the contents from the Astor and the Lenox, as well as the Tilden Trust, this was formed on May 23, 1911.
A: NY Public Library

Q: Daniel Boulud opens Daniel at 60 East 65th Street in May, 2000. What restaurant was previously on the site?
A: Le Cirque

Q: On May 24 in this year, the Brooklyn Bridge opened to traffic.
a) 1867 b) 1883 c) 1896
A: 1883

Q: In the first week of April, 1951, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted and sentenced at the New York Southern District federal court for what offense?
A: Espionage

Q: Max Gordon dies on May 11, 1989. What NYC music establishment did he launch?
A: Village Vanguard

Q: On May 19, 1981, this 50-year-old building was designated a NYC landmark.
A: Empire State Building

Q: Originally opened on Broadway April 21, 1977, the sun'll come out again for this musical since it's scheduled for a return to Broadway this fall.
A: Annie

Q: This R&B singer, songwriter, producer, and eight-time Grammy winner was born at Bellevue on today's date in 1951 and he died in 2005. Never Too Much was his 1981 debut album; his last album was Dance With My Father.
A: Luther Vandross

Q: The evening of May 1, 1941 saw the premiere of this movie, which the Times' Bosley Crowther wrote the next morning, "comes close to being the most sensational film ever made in Hollywood."
A: Citizen Kane

Q: The country's first all-news radio station is on the air, April 19, 1965. The call letters?

Q: This steamboat catches fire on June 15, 1904 in the East River and over 1000 people perish.
A: General Slocum

Q: This ship arrived in New York on April 18, 1912, carrying the surviving Titanic passengers.
A: The Carpathia

Q: What NYC tunnel opened May 25, 1950?
A: Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel

Q: On April 6, 1998, Citicorp announces it's becoming Citigroup after merging with this company.
a) Travelers Group b) Manufacturers Hanover c) Wachovia
A: Travelers Group

Q: The Great East Side Store opened on April 17, 1872 and eventually became which major retailer?
A: Bloomingdales

Q: On this date in 1972, this resident of the Dakota was at number one on the charts with The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. Her name?
A: Roberta Flack

Q: This 57-story Cathedral of Commerce designed by Cass Gilbert opened on April 24, 1913.
A: Woolworth Building

Cultural and literary notes, plus self-guided walks, courtesy of Walking Off the Big Apple, a strolling guide to New York City.

Navigating Fort Greene: Between BAM and the Barclays Center

En route to a performance at the either of the main venues of the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the BAM Harvey or the Peter Jay Sharp Building, especially near the train stations that service the Brooklyn neighborhood of Fort Greene, it is possible to observe many visitors from other boroughs looking tentatively around in every direction to get their geographical bearings, as if they were lost. I would wager that they are lost. Where Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall are served by immediately adjacent subway stops, making it possible to see these venues right away after climbing stairs to the street, the BAMs are not as easily spotted and thus take some time figuring out. I would also wager that more than a handful of performing arts patrons fail to make curtain time because of the wily geographical charms of this neighborhood.

Let's solve this confusion by exploring Fort Greene on foot, because the more we walk an area, the more we get to know it. This one is a charmer. Residential streets with London-sounding names â€" Oxford, Cumberland, Waverly, Portland, etc. â€" run in pleasing geometries with Fort Greene Park. To the south, Lafayette Avenue serves as an important cultural and retail thoroughfare, beginning on the west at Flatbush Avenue and veering in a straight line toward its eastern finish at Broadway in Bushwick. Fulton Street zips in a southeastward diagonal through Fort Greene, intersecting with Lafayette to create two unequal obtuse triangles on the east and west. Two small parks â€" BAM Park and Fowler Park â€" are nestled within these two bigger geographical triangles. This meeting place feels like a natural neighborhood center and a good place to start a walk.



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