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20 Questions

Test your NYC trivia knowledge. Results on the MUG blog after 1pm today.

1 Which of these is prohibited when attending an event in the Barclays Center?
a) cameras b) laptops c) lighters

2 In the 1980s horror flick C.H.U.D., what's the problem in the NYC sewers?
a) rats b) vampires c) cannibals

3 If you're on Eileen C. Dugan Boulevard, what borough are you in? (50 points extra: what's the more familiar name for the street?)

4 Joan Ganz Cooney created for a NYC station, currently in the news, a show that debuted in 1969. Name it.

5 It was announced yesterday that this actress has donated $1 million to the Public Theater in honor of Joe Papp and Nora Ephron. She made her Broadway debut in the Papp production of Trelawny of the Wells in 1975. Who is she?

6 You're buying something from Nepenthes New York on West 38th Street. What would it be?
a) trendy clothing b) Cuban-blend cigars c) vegan Szechuan wraps

7 This family-run enterprise, dubbed "The Louvre of Lox" by the Sunday Times of London, opened in 1914, not far from its current current location. Name?

8 A food store on the UWS is in the middle of a scandal nicknamed Ratgate. Who's battling rodents in the olives?

9 Which borough is the largest in area?

10 If you've ordered a Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, what restaurant are you in?

11 What's new at Bleecker Street Station?

12 He was born in the Bronx in 1979, attended Hunter College, has a show on MSNBC, and is the author of Twilight of the Elites. His name?

13 What's the name of the hard-to-pronounce indie film that character Jenna Maroney made in the first season of 30 Rock?

14 Samuel Gompers did what?
a) Built the IRT line b) Created M.A.C. cosmetics c) Founded the AFL union group d) Opened ABC Carpet

15 What was the first item of clothing that Bloomingdale's (more precisely, the notions shop that Joseph and Lyman Bloomingdale opened on the LES in 1860) sold?
a) petticoats b) snoods c) hoop skirts d) Spanx

16 How many U.S. Presidents were born in New York State?

17 What invention did Elisha Otis demonstrate at the Crystal Palace exposition in 1854?

18 In what borough is Four Sparrow Marsh Preserve?

19 When NYC faced bankruptcy, which President inspired the Daily News Headline: ______to City: Drop Dead

20 What's the historical link between pigeons and Maspeth, Queens?

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