arts 04.29.14


It's gray and blustery outside today but, in the art world, the skies above are clear again.

That's because one of our favorite projects, Jen Bekman's 20x200, has been dusted off from hiatus and returns, appealing as ever, with its art-for-everyone mission.

It works like this: 20x200 periodically releases limited-edition prints by well-known and emerging artists. The prints are museum-quality, meaning the works are on fine paper and archival pigment inks are used. The cost often starts at $24 for the smallest size print. Artists get half the proceeds.

Since its introduction in 2007, 20x200 has released over 1000 editions by more than 300 artists. Currently, there are works by MUG contributors Joseph O. Holmes (who will have a new edition released at 11am this morning) and Jason Polan, as well as William Wegman, Jorge Colombo and Sharon Montrose, whose Bear Cub No. 3 is below.

Happy days!

Soho (from 2012)

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