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21 Under $21 - Mood Enhancers

Stuff we like, under $21, from local sellers and farther afield. Today's edition: things that can improve your mood.

Umbria's Falesco Vitiano Rosso, which comes to our shores for about $10, is a judicious, delicious blend of Cabernet, Merlot, and Sangiovese. Our current 'house wine'. The 2010 is available widely, including at Sherry Lehmann and Beacon.

Fawlty Towers
You can buy the complete series on CD (used) and never have to be more than a few moments from Basil's riffs on Eva Prawn, what you can expect to see from a Torquay hotel room, and Polly's version of I Can't Say No. A perfect antidepressant.

Consensus: the country's best ice cream. Not cheap ($12/pint), worth it. Among the best flavors, The Buckeye State. (These days, it's always Ohio, Ohio, Ohio.)

Tam Dao Soap
A small blast of sandalwood from Diptyque, $15.

When indie folk band Mumford and Sons plays, it's 2012 and it's the past tense, too, warming up a pub somewhere you'd like to have been. Babel, their new album ($12.99), is out now. [Photo: James Marcus Haney]

Les Floralies Apothecary Sniff Box at Bigelow, $10, is blended by Mary Wakefield, one of New Zealand's leading aromatherapists, with bergamot, lemon, and cinnamon for a pick-me-up anywhere.

Mustache Shower Curtain, $20, for levity in the loo.

We're pro Brussels sprouts, though we wouldn't have put them on a pizza in a million years. Motorino happily did, creating our favorite city pie, also topped with mozzarella, garlic, and smoked pancetta. $16.

Eyeball Bounce Balls, $5.50, bounce high and light up.

Why is a Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure on this list? Are you kidding? Because she is a crazy cat lady action figure. And she comes, according to the Red Snapper Gift Store, with "6 cats, No Wait! 8 cats, if you include the ones on her shoulder and in her pocket." $11

Brooklyn Castle follows kids at Brooklyn's I.S. 318, who start playing chess and then start playing it very well. If the synopsis has a familiar ring, the movie is as fresh and feel-good as it gets. Opens Friday at Lincoln Center's Elinor Bunin theater and Landmark Sunshine.

Bucky Blinks Sleep Mask, $16

It is better to give well-crafted invective than to receive, though both sides can admire a good one. Sharpen your skills with Creative Cursing, $10.95.

Rosemary Candle, $5.75.

Eboost, $14.99 for 10 packets, contains green tea, vitamins, and other energy turbo-chargers.

Sahagun Salted Liquid-Filled Caramels
$13.95 for 4 pieces, available at The Meadow.

We're cheating a little on this one. Alison Fraser plays for one night only at 54 Below on Sunday, November 4, 9pm. Bar seating is $15 but there's a $25 food and beverage minimum, so it's not under $21. Go ahead, call a cop. Anyway, it's a small price to pay for this Broadway talent who, in a better world, would be performing every night.

A visit to the gorgeous grounds of Wave Hill, $8.

Bike Decal Stickers
Primp your ride, $6.95.

Mika new album, Origin of Love ($9.99) is all
sweet, dance-y pop.

Where'd You Go, Bernadette ($15.96), Maria Semple's very funny and fast novel, is a great ride.

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