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21 Under $21 (Kitchen Edition)

Milk Frother
Bodum's gadget works well as advertised
but we use ours for vinaigrettes

Onion Goggles
Funny, but kind of genius, too

Duck Rillettes
Fabriques Delices is a California company,
the rillettes are produced in Canada
the deliciousness is French

San Giuliano Barbera 2010
Plenty of fruit and enough acidity
to make it a great match for turkey (and more)

Sake Set
A bottle and four cups

Even if this sounds like late-night-ad material,
this plastic apple has granules to absorb to ethylene gas
and really does keep produce fresher, longer

Ottolenghi: The Cookbook
From London's Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi,
140 recipes with flavors of the Mediterranean
$16.14 for the Kindle version

Prunotto Trittico Jellies
What the well-dressed cheese is wearing

Blissful Bakery Sea Salt Caramels
Handmade in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Gimme Coffee Fracktivist Organic Blend
Coffee that helps keep the water pure

Founders Imperial Stout
A winter warmer
$20 for a 64oz. growler

Russ and Daughters Peppered Mackerel
This hits the trifecta: ready to eat, good for you, delicious

Garam Masala
A multi-purpose spice blend; you can make your own,
though anything Kalustyan's is a seal of approval
$14.99, 16oz jar

Shortbread Sampler
A persuasive case for the old-fashioned sweet biscuit

Smoked Alderwood Salt
Add a welcome campfire fragrance
to everything from steak to eggs
$9.95 for a 4oz jar

Dutch Sprinkles
aka jimmies (hagelslag in the Netherlands)

Elizabeth David on Vegetables
A collection of the late chef's veggie recipes

Wooden Cocktail Muddlers
Beautiful objects in themselves,
these rosewood muddlers will gin up cocktail time

Le Creuset Pie Bird
Of course you have a pie bird, no?

Shepherd's Pie
Speaking of pies, Myer's of Keswick knows
a thing or two about savories

Cannelé de Bordeaux
Dominique Ansel makes goodies besides Cronuts, you know
$17 for five pieces

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