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21 Under $21
Plus: Reader Mail

Stuff we like. Under $21.

Queen Beatrix Jumping Bug

Produce Bags
$11, set of five

The Greens Kitchen Tools
$9.95 each

Silver Playing Cards

Mighty Michelle Nylon Shopper

Knitting Nancy for French Knitting

Peet's Major Dickason's Blend

Animal Squeeze Ball

Rêve de Miel Bath Gel

Architectural Model Series

Treasure by Nikki McClure

Wolf Black Cigar V-cutter

Heroes of the Torah
$19.95, set of four

Brownie Camera Print by Christine Berrie

Ribbon Bottle Opener

I Love Macarons
$14.95, pre-order

Fatty Wallet Monster

Handyman In Your Pocket

Tiny Tapers
$12, set of 12

Deskey Deco Glass Plate

Happy Wanderer Duck on Tricycle

More 21 Under $21:

On Neighborhood Faves:
Donovan's may be a little bit inconsistent, but if you are there on a night when it is busy and they are moving volume, the burgers are the best thing in the city. Hands down. On a slow night they are decent but not the juicy loose packed mess they are on the weekends that will leave you thinking about ordering another one. Plus not sure if they are doing it any more but used to have 1/2 price burgers during Monday night football. Personal record is 3 after fasting all day in anticipation, but have seen buddies put away 4-5 of 'em at a sitting - no small feat.

My local out-of-the way fave is El Paso Taqueria on 97th between Park and Madison. They have 2 other locations further uptown, but this one is walking distance from my office. A Mount Sinai hangout, from the looks of it. Plus, for a great hole-in-the-wall falafel place, check out Falafel House, on Second Avenue between 91st and 92nd. Tiny, but GREAT food, nice owners. And they need all the help they can get over there on Second Avenue…

On Gin:
There's a wonderful novel, Brookland, by Emily Barton that, among other things, describes in minute detail the making of gin. It's surprisingly fascinating. The protagonist, a steely young woman who takes over her father's distillery in the late 18th century, not only turns out the best gin in the land but builds the first Brooklyn Bridge. The story is epic and beautifully written.

Now the quest to find the perfect, traditional daiquiri - not the soda fountain foam blenderized, overly-sweet concoction that passes for daiquiris now. And no strawberries or kiwi, please! (Thanks for this super piece on gin… but rum deserves a lift, too.)

On Trees:
May I also heartily recommend Tree: A New Vision of the American Forest by James Balog

I recently had a truly wonderful experience at Mike's Tech Shop on 20th between 6th and 7th. After being told I would have to wait a week to see a Genius at the Genius Bar (thank you $400 Applecare - what was that for again?), I was referred to Mike's and had the best electronics experience I have had in a long time, maybe ever. Greg was the person who helped me, and not only did he do everything he said he would, he tossed in a few extras, at no additional cost. I was in such a rush that I just left him everything (including a purse holding my computer) and when I went to pick it up, everything had been placed inside the purse! So sweet! I highly recommend them for questions/repairs/sticky situations. Obviously, they are also trustworthy.

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