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25 Ways to End the Year

1) Relive the original choreography of great Broadway dances, with American Dance Machine at the Joyce, 12/21-1/3. [Photo: Christopher Duggan]

2) Get the pointe of Julia Rothman's Ballet print, via Jen Bekman.

3) Go old school with NYC Ballet's Nutcracker at Lincoln Center, through 1/3.

4) Listen to two band members of Flyte sing after dinner, a perfectly harmonized, sweetly melancholic version of River by Joni Mitchell.

5) Binge-watch the six-part British drama River, starring top-tier Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård and the luminous Nicola Walker: dark but so, so good.

6) Follow the best possible tour guide, Tilda Swinton, as she takes you through Dreams Rewired, a movie that's a collage of movies from as far back as the 1880s; at Film Forum 12/16-24

7) Read, travel, eat, repeat, with Mimi Sheraton, another best-possible tour guide, and her book 1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die: A Food Lover's Life List.

8) Swap a metaphorical Pot for A Latch, part of Pia Camil's exchange event at the New Museum, 12/17, 5-9pm; details.

9) Follow along with Marvin E. Newman's Sequentially Sought, grouped images from the 1950s, shot in NY and Chicago, showing 12/17-1/30 at Howard Greenberg.

10) ROTFL is the appropriate response to Michael Frayn's brilliant Noises Off; a Roundabout production starring Andrea Martin begins previews 12/17.

11) Time travel to Berlin Metropolis: 1918-1933; the Neue Galerie is the portal. Closes January 4.

12) Stuff a stocking sweetly with chocolate by Marco Colzani,
available through Gustiamo.

13) Advocate for gun violence research, something that has been banned for almost two decades by calling your Representative—and consider a donation to New Yorkers Against Gun Violence.

14) Spin this disc… Peace by Rotary Connection, released in 1968, mixes Christmas, psych-rock, soul, wall of sound, and Minnie Riperton. Not for everyone, perhaps, but a sui-generis classic.

15) Watch two great actors, Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay, as good as they ever were, in the drama 45 Years, opening December 23.

16) Contemplate the coming year or simply be where you are with a guided meditation on New Year's eve at the Kadampa Meditation Center. Registration required.

17) Go behind the scenes of Anomalisa, the new Charlie Kaufman movie opening December 30, at an installation of puppets and two sets from the film; Museum of Moving Image starting December 18.

18) Hear classical music by the Peoples' Symphony at Town Hall, 12/20, 2pm.

19) Appreciate the history of African art, from the 15th century on, at the Met Museum's exhibit Kongo: Power and Majesty, through January 3.

20) Enjoy the new tradition of Dar Williams playing The Bell House the day after Christmas.

21) Warm up with one of Keens' stash of 200 or so Single Malt Scotches.

22) Catch the New Year's eve fireworks in Brooklyn.

23) Walk with The Big Onion's 25th Annual Christmas Day Jewish Lower East Side Tour.

24) Volunteer

25) Go Out and Love Someone

[MUG will return in January. Happy holidays!]

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