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32 Shopping Bags
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Today: the checkout aisle.

For the past few weeks, we've been asking you to sign MUG's Ban the Bag petition which urges the City Council to take up the issue of banning or surcharging single-use plastic bags. New York City is behind the curve on this one as cities large and small (from Washington D.C. to South Padre Island, Texas), counties, even states deal with the plastic bag scourge.

Instead of paper or plastic, here are 32+ bags to use—and reuse—for trips to the market. Many of the bags are themselves made, at least in part, of recycled material.

Chico and Baggu (below) are among the most popular makers of foldable, reusable bag. Chico makes lots of styles—the original version is $5.99. Pictured is the Micro, $19.99.

The regular bag is $9 and comes in dozens of colors and patterns.

The Carrybag, $39.99—
many other styles available: totes, trolleys, and shoppers.

Flip & Tumble
These shoulder bags are $12 for prints, $10 for single color.

We love the look of these jute bags, handcrafted in Bangladesh, finished in California. $58, preorder for July 20 expected ship date

Recycled Seat Belt Tote Bag
From Maggie Bags, regularly $72.95, now $65.95.

Horror Comics Tote Bags, $19.99

Life is Good, $6

Clever reuse: juice containers have a sweet second life as a tote. $25

Yeah, kinda ugly. Useful, though: its accordion design stretches out big-time, holding up to 40 pounds. $8.95

Yummy Kerribag, $25.

Cambodian Bags
100% recycled from rice and feed bags, made by disadvantaged Cambodian workers, certified Fair Trade. $22.95-$24.

Lanvin Shopping Tote
$1990, so maybe don't throw your kale in here. Pre-order, August expected delivery.

Rebagz Honeybee Whatever Wherever Bag. $29

FEED 10 Bag with Pouch
The proceeds of FEED products have been used to provide over 60 million school meals to children around the world. Each bag sold provides 10 school meals. $25

Flora Shopper, $11.99

Blue Q Shoulder Totes with Zipper Top, $14.95

Rebel Green Bad Habits
Holier than thou, and why not? $38

Herb Garden Shopping Bag, $24

Envirosax bags have a lot of fans and it's easy to see why. The foldables come in a huge range of cool styles and colors. $39.95 (5 bags)

Vintage Camera, $5.99

Bohemian Flowers Print Canvas Tote, $20

Blue Avocado's Big Chil, $22.99

b.b. begonia, $7.95

Spooning Leads to Forking, $15

Route 66, $15

O'Neill Evita Straw Bag, $48

Dandelion Tote Carryall, $24

SoftDesign Studio Totes, $10

Ethnic Print bagsYOUtote, $6

Bag the Habit, $14.50

Tuscan Garden Reusable Shopping Bag

Have a reusable shopping bag you love that we didn't include? Let us know about it the comments section of our blog.

And don't forget to sign the Ban the Bag petition.

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