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39 Newww.York Favorites

Bank the Nine A blog that casts a noirish eye on the city's pool halls.

Brooklyn Parrots follows the wild Quaker parrots that may have escaped from JFK cargo in the late '60s.

A Child Grows in Brooklyn The intersection of parenting and Brooklyn.

Coney Island History An archive of what was.

Diaroogle Mission critical: to help you find a public toilet from your cell phone.

Did He Like It? tracks whether Ben Brantley, the Times theater critic, liked a show or not.

Eating in Translation Dave Cook samples the most interesting foods in the five boroughs.

Emdashes The subtext, syntax, and semiotics of The New Yorker.

Ephemeral NY Endlessly fascinating time travel through the streets of New York.

F Train All things poker – well, as they describe it: 95% poker plus 5% other.

The Improvised Life Journalist Sally Schneider's zeitgeist-perfect website that encourages improvising as a daily practice.

Insatiable Critic Gael Greene, the longtime New York magazine food critic, is thriving in her new digital incarnation.

Ironic Sans Photographer David Friedman is brimming with ideas, enthusiasms, finds, and observations about all sort of subjects.

Jargol Indie fashion and design; stuff you don't see everywhere else.

Lost New York City It's the vestiges of Old NY v. the real estate market. Guess who wins?

Lunch with Front Studio Two architects remember the importance of, if not smelling the roses, at least taking time out for a tasty lunch.

The Modern List A cool modernist lens to view Manhattan, particularly design, food, and culture.

Mommy Poppins 'What to do, see, eat, cook, watch, read, make, play, buy, envy, and think with kids in NYC.'

New York Cork Report Lenn Thompson's excellent chronicle of the region's vineyards and wines.

Nico Muhly Wunderkind classical composer Nico Muhly writes one of the most engaging blogs in blogdom about anything and everything that captures his interest.

NYC Garden For green thumbs and wannabes.

The NYTPicker (you'll want to pronounce it nitpicker) provides running commentary on, and smart analysis of, the NY Times.

Officer's Row The section of the Brooklyn Navy Yard with 10 homes built between 1864 and 1901, now a parcel of glorious decrepitude.

Off Manhattan An essential guide to 'car-free green getaways.'

Paper and Threads A lovely respite with an artist, her pencils and paintbrushes, and renderings of NY and elsewhere.

Patell and Waterman's History of New York The gentlemen behind this blog make NY's past seem very present. Fun and interesting.

Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzle The '44th Greatest Crossword Puzzle Solver in the Universe' explains it all for you.

Room Eight A group blog about New York politics.

Second Avenue Sagas The long-aborning 2nd Avenue subway line, and MTA news in general.

Second Circuit Blog Legal tales that can make surprisingly interesting reading.

Sense & the City One a month, this site posts on NY as experienced through the five senses.

Seriously Soupy The blog from Ditmas Park has the same love for soup as the Soup Man, minus the crankitude.

Streets Blog New York would cease being New York without its street life and that's the essential premise of this thought-provoking blog.

Taxi Dreams, from WNET, has lots of fun facts, figures, and lore about taxis.

An Unamplified Voice A serious operagoer who is able to bring some clear-eyed perspective to that insular world.

Uncivil Servants busts government workers when they flout laws, especially traffic and parking regulations.

Uptown Flavors A webzine about life above 96th Street.

Walking Off the Big Apple An ode to strolling the city's streets – a fabulous flâneur-fest.

WFMU's Beware of the Blog Nothing WFMU does is ever dull, and that certainly goes for their blog; posts on music, the world of radio, arts and entertainment.

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