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4 New Gadgets

MUG's first sighting of a Segway (the 'human transporter', available on Amazon for $4,950) on Columbus Avenue recently got us itching for new gadgets. Here are a few.

1) Those colored spheres pictured are called Ambient Orbs, made by a company called Ambient. You just plug an orb into a standard outlet and you can have it change color (it can show thousands of colors) to track the stock market (green for an up market, red for down, say) and blink if the stock market has a wild swing. Picking up channels much the way a cell phone does, it can also be set up to track weather, pollen, homeland security, even be an IM buddy monitor. You can purchase it from Ambient or from Brookstone. It's expected to ship May 19th and costs $150. Premium channels are extra.

2) The Kyocera 7135 has to be the phone of the moment. It's a combination wireless phone, Palm PDA, and MP3 player in a clamshell design. It weighs 6.6 ounces and has a two-hour-and-ten-minute talk time. For now, Verizon is the carrier (Sprint may carry it later). Ordering it is easiest at where it's $549 after a rebate.

3) A new micro-mini camera, as they're called, is available now at Sharper Image. It's 2" x 4", æ" thick, and costs $69.95.

4) Audi's 2004 A8 L ($70,000), due out this summer, is filled with all kinds of gadgetry. Here are some of the cool features:
· Two LCD panels, one of which gives you your location (via GPS) and the other can show the CD, radio station or volume.
· Thumbwheels located on the steering wheel for volume control.
· Heated door locks to prevent freezing.
· Electronic rear window shade.
· Cruise control can automatically slow the speed down if you get too close to a car in front of you.
· Four suspension modes.
· Ventilated and massaging seats in front and back.
· Power opening and closing trunk.

To find out about the latest in gadgets, check out
Here's a major sample sale and you won't read about it anywhere but MUG: Peter Som, the meteorically rising clothing designer, is having a sale May 1 and 2, from 11-7 at 230 W. 39th, 10th floor. Luxury sportswear, sporty day to evening tops, skirts, pants, dresses and accessories. Clothes from spring and and fall collections in sizes ranging from 2-14. Prices at or below wholesale. A bias silk double-face charmeuse skirt, originally $520, now $210. Trapunto-stitched cotton canvas jackets, was $650, now $250. Tricot knit tops were $345, now $139. Also for sale are runway and press samples at drastically reduced prices. Shoes too! Cash only.

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