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43 Reasons to Support MUG

Because we'll introduce you to people you should know,
like Grace McLean

Because we'll tell you how to score Biggie's Crack Toffee

Because we see the world in New York in our dossier series

Because we can show you how much 1914 in New York is familiar to us in 2014. In six parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Because we stoke your barbecue

Because we tell you about neo-Motown singers like Caleb Hawley

Because we introduce you to artists who love New York,
like Tom Keough

Because you can hand our roundup of 27 Offbeat NYC Museums to your out-of-town guests

Because we tell you if it's broke, how to fix it

Because we tried to bring some enlightenment to the NYPL's The Dark Ages

Because of Joe Holmes' joe's nyc

Because we like Brain Food as much as you do

Because, with your support, we get books into city classrooms

Because we tell you why Brooklyn is Delicious

Because we can solve the problem of getting your sofa into your apartment

Because we walk the city's lesser-known points like Fillmore Place and Garden Place and even celebrate the unloved, like the Kosciuszko Bridge

Because of our annual meta-listicle, the List of Lists

Because we showed you the most adorable book about New York City you've never seen

Because we keep asking about U-Haul: Whatsamatta U?

Because it's 4:20 twice a day and you should be watching
High Maintenance

Because you'll meet interesting people

Because of Jason Polan's Every Person in New York every Tuesday

Because we love bacon

Because of our weekly, slightly offbeat arts coverage Up Next

Because funerals and organ and tissue donation are part of life

Because we feature forbidden pleasures in spite of Nannyhattan

Because we love books

Because you can learn to bake a pie

Because of our talented flickr pool contributors

Because we look at New York By the Numbers

Because once a month, we try to make your Wednesday better with a Hump Day article

Because we shop sample sales, Etsy and the city's small-box stores

Because we honor New York's history of protests and demonstrations

Because Here Be Monsters

Because you love maps and so do we

Because we wrote about the dangers of fracking before most people had ever heard of it

Because we create challenging quizzes

Because, on rare occasions, we'll admit there's
a world beyond the 5 boroughs

Because we call rugelach as we see it

Because we track our digital city

Because our arts coverage features watercolors one week
and SciFi the next

Because chocolate

Because we're ad-free and your support is essential to us

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