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6 Cool Stores

At their new location, Pearl River Mart, 477 Bway [Broome/Grand] 212.431.4770, Pearl becomes a full-fledged emporium, filled with everything from green tea to bedding.

Wonderful hand- and machine-made knitwear, mostly one-of-a-kind, can be found at Red Lipstick, 64 6th Ave. [Bergen/Dean] Brooklyn 718.857.9534. The sexy tops and most of the rest are the work of Staceyjoy Elkin.

You'll find ultra-stylish women's and men's clothing at Rubin Chapelle, 410 W. 14th [9th/Wash] 212.647.8636, in a theatrically minimalist setting.

A Sharper Image for downtown hipsters, TKNY, 21 Ave. B [2nd/3rd] 212.677.0500, has the latest in electronics and gadgetry.

Persian zarbs, djembes, digeridoos and cavaquinhos are just some of the fabulous ethnic instruments that are sold at Tribal Soundz, 340 E. 6th [1st/2nd] 212.673.5992.

A Vespa, 13 Crosby [Grand/Howard] 212.226.4410, is one of the few things we can think of that just never loses its cool. There's an additional store in Queens at 40-34 Crescent St. [40th/41st Ave.] 718.786.9739.
View* Productions has developed a number of stereoscopic (3D) disks of architectural and design subjects including Fallingwater, buildings in Berlin by Hans Scharoun and works by Frank Gehry. You slip them into a stereoscope viewer ($15) and it really becomes the next best thing to being there. Most of the disks are $24.95 and they're available at Urban Center Books, 457 Mad [50th/51st] 212.935.3592 or at

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