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6 Great Designs of Everyday Objects

Butter, a Brooklyn design company, sells the distinctive hanging ceramic birdfeeder (pictured), created by Amy Adams. It's $85. Call 718.923.0084 or order at

Oxo, a company that's always coming up with clever designs, has something that's perfect for small New York kitchens: the new Pop-Up Dish Rack that, when opened, pops up 'fingers' to hold the dishes. It's $39.99 (though the utensil holder is extra) and should be turning up at Bed Bath & Beyond (and other houseware stores) this month.

The Cramer Kik-Step has been around for years, and while it may not be the most beautiful object in your home, it has to be one of the most functional and best designed. These days, it comes in 10 colors, including twilight blue and silvertone. It's $54.95 from Cramer, or 800.366.6700.

Pieter Woudt is the man behind the New York design firm called 212-BIG-BOLT. His new creation is a deck of playing cards made from transparent PVC. Get the cards from Random Accents, for $7.95.

Modus Design was founded by Marek Cecula, a ceramic artist and coordinator of the Ceramics department at Parsons. Among other beautiful takes on functional objects, he has used the ultra-tough material called corundum to whip up a witty soap dish that looks like stacked scouring pads. For more info, email

Based in Brooklyn, Benza Design has a gallery of products that runs the gamut from lamps to mousepads. We're particularly taken with their new wall clocks, a few of which take their inspiration from the George Nelson Ball Clock. Each of the fresh, delightful time pieces cost under $50. You can order by phone, 877.247.9323 or on their site,
WHERE TO FIND…model ships and planes: Jan's Hobby Shop, 1435 Lex [93rd/94th] 212.861.5075, which sells the kits, paints, tools, and fittings you need to bring them to life.

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