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7 Tennis Tips

1. Permits
The cost of permits for Parks tennis courts has gone up this year to $100. It's $10 if you're under 18, $20 for those 62 and over. More info

2. Oldest Tennis Club
Founded in 1886, The New York Tennis Club, 3081 Harding Ave., Throgs Neck, 718.822.8854, is not only New York's oldest tennis club, but one of its most appealing.

3. Equipment and Restringing
· Grand Central Racquet, 341 Mad [44th] 212.292.8851 and in Grand Central's 45th Street Passageway, 212.856.9647
· Jay's Custom Stringing, 228 E. 51st [2nd/3rd] 212.755.5297
· Mason's Tennis, 56 E. 53rd [Park/Mad] 212.755.5805

4. Gay and Lesbian Tennis Group
The Metropolitan Tennis Group, 212.802.4768, organizes recreational and competitive tennis events for gays and lesbians.

5. Hot Racquet
Head's Intelligence Prestige Mid is one of the hot racquets right now, geared to advanced players. Normally retailing for about $200, Paragon, 867 Bway [18th] 212.255.8036, has it on sale for $119.99. More info.

6. Find a Partner
Want to play but no one to play with? Check out TennisNYC's Find A Partner program. A $50 membership fee gets you their list of available members, their email, availability and skill level.

7. Top Eyewear
Bollé mutes colors except optic yellow, which means a whole lot of clarity when the tennis ball is coming toward you.
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